Big big changes coming to Twitter

Big big changes coming to Twitter
Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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Over the last month or so Twitter has been rolling out one of its most requested features. The chronological timeline arrived for iOS users just before Christmas and Android users have recently received the new feature, too. It looks like Twitter is pushing ahead with even more changes. Some of which are quite significant.


Twitter is getting an even darker mode and a brand-new web layout

In a recent Twitter exchange, Jack Dorsey, CEO of the micro-blogging site, recently agreed to fix Twitter’s dark mode. If you didn’t know it was broken, the pledge relates to Twitter’s dark blue background whenever dark mode is activated. Responding to an article by The Wall Street Journal calling for more apps to implement dark modes, Dorsey responded to a tweet by a Twitter user requesting a black dark mode.

Dorsey’s response of, “Will fix” has since been followed up by one of Twitter’s designers to say that Twitter’s design team is already working on the issue. To see what a big difference this will make to your phone’s battery life check out this report we wrote on dark modes and battery life back in November.

The other big news coming from Twitter HQ is the follow up to an announcement Twitter made back in September. The word then was that Twitter was testing a few mobile features for the desktop version of its site. In particular, the Explore tab and bookmarks would be coming to the desktop version of the site, via a redesign.

This redesign is now rolling out and it is bringing with it a few more features than we were promised back in September. Twitter’s traditional three-column design is being stripped down to two. When the update arrives, the Trends for you section will be combined with the Who to follow section on the right-hand column.

Other new features include a new emoji button, keyboard shortcuts to help you get around the website easier, an improved search function, and a much better trending section. All-in-all this represents quite the update to the desktop version of Twitter with the site getting a new, fresh look and some tasty new features to go with it.

For now, these new features are only available to a small number of users who have been given the opportunity to opt-in. If you haven’t been given the chance to try them out yet, don’t worry, you’ll get one soon. There is no official word about when the new redesign will be available for all users, but we can expect that we won’t have wait too long.

Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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