Twitter mobile apps redesigned, now supports DM photos

Twitter mobile apps redesigned, now supports DM photos

Twitter‘s mobile apps for Android and iOS have been updated with an all new design, featuring timelines you can swipe and the ability to attach photos to direct messages. Today’s update puts an end to the months of rumors of Twitter reinventing private messaging within its service.

Many things have moved around the interface of Twitter. For the Android version, the Home, Discover, and Activity tabs are all located at the top now so you can swipe between the three sections with ease. The iOS version is slightly different and still offers swiping between the sections but they’re hidden with dots indicating which of the three section’s you’re currently viewing. This encourages exploration of the different sections of the app like the Discover tab where trending topics and hashtags are displayed.

Twitter Home tab

Notifications, messages, user look up, and search are persistent at the top of the app in the Android version (at the bottom for iOS), allowing quick access to these features from anywhere within the app. In the Android version, the compose window is also a persistent bar at the bottom with quick access to attaching or taking a photo. iOS users will still have to tap on the compose button to bring up the compose screen.

New Twitter compose screen

Twitter is definitely taking notice of chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat for inspiration for its private messaging. While photos will not self destruct like they do in Snapchat, they are at least sent in private, though most multi-platform chat apps do this already.

The update should be rolling out now but you can download the latest version of Twitter below.

Download Twitter for Android and iOS


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