Seamless Updates: Installing AirPods Firmware Without an iPhone Made Easy

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Seamless Updates: Installing AirPods Firmware Without an iPhone Made Easy
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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Apple has released firmware updates for its three AirPods models, including the AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Although the list of changes has not been disclosed, the update is expected to improve performance, especially after the arrival of iOS 16.4 and close to the arrival of iOS 16.5, among other software updates for Apple devices.

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In recent times, firmware updates for AirPods have become more frequent and have focused mainly on small fixes and improvements that affect connectivity, audio quality, and battery consumption. In this sense, it is important to know how to verify if the update has been installed, how to facilitate the installation process, and also how to update the firmware of our headphones if we do not have any Apple device to do so.

How to update the Firmware from your iPhone or iPad

Several models are receiving updates today. And not only that, but all models, receive exactly the same update. So, we leave behind version 5B58 and 5B59 for the AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Max, AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2 to reach version 5E133 today.

Unlike other times, the change in the numbering between versions is quite considerable. From this we can deduce little, but the changes are not as minor as other times. Right now, Apple has not communicated what the changes or improvements are, beyond “Bug fixes and other improvements”.

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, the AirPods automatically update if they are near an iPhone or iPad. To help with the update process, we can connect the headphones to a power source, although it’s not really a requirement. Also, to make sure the AirPods are connected to our iPhone or iPad and updating properly we can simply play some music and then store them in the case.

Although the AirPods firmware update happens automatically, we can verify the version installed on our headphones. To do this, we must connect the AirPods to the device we want to use and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Tap on Information.
  4. Tap on AirPods.
  5. Look for Firmware Version.

How to update firmware without an Apple device

Although AirPods are an Apple product and are designed to work best with devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac, they can also be used with other devices that support Bluetooth, such as Android phones, PCs and other audio devices. Therefore, sometimes, we may find ourselves with AirPods, but no Apple device with which to perform the firmware update.

Android and PC users cannot install firmware updates from their devices because the headphones are not compatible to this level with those platforms. Aware that those who own AirPods and do not have an Apple device may find it difficult to update the firmware of their headphones, the Cupertino company proposes a very simple solution: visit an Apple Store.

Apple recommends that these people visit an Apple Store or an authorized service provider to update the firmware of their AirPods. A simple visit and in a few minutes the headphones will be running the latest firmware version available and enjoy all the improvements it brings.

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It is clear that firmware updates do not receive the same attention as iOS software updates, however, they are equally important. Recalling the case of someone who lost his AirPods on a plane and recovered them at an airport worker’s house thanks to his iPhone, it’s clear that, any fix focused on improving the stability, performance and functionality of AirPods is something to keep a close eye on. While these improvements may go somewhat unnoticed, more so while all the attention is being directed to the iPhone 15, they are always welcome. And, as we’ve just seen, installing them is really easy. So much so that we don’t have to do anything.

David Bernal Raspall

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