New iOS 16.3 brings a crucial new feature to iPhone

New iOS 16.3 brings a crucial new feature to iPhone
María López

María López

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Apple had already dropped that iOS 16.3 was ready to see the light of the sun this very week. As usual for the company with the bitten apple, updates are usually released on Tuesdays, so it was to be expected to see it appear on our devices today . Said and done: iOS 16.3 is already among us and, in addition, it is accompanied by important security improvements.


However, this time it does not go alone: together with iOS 16.3, Apple has taken the opportunity to launch iPadOS 16.3, tvOS 16.3, watchOS 9.3 and macOS 13.2, all of them with great improvements, especially in the security section. Of course, this is not an update that will change your life. Although it is a minor revision, it is important to emphasize the improvements in the privacy of our data.

The list of new features of iOS 16.3 is short but interesting: on the iPhone and iPad we will see support for security keys (like Google‘s famous Titan Security Key), which will give us an extra layer of protection if we want to log in with our Apple ID. In addition, we can configure iCloud to be able to use end-to-end encryption, which guarantees that our data remains private and inaccessible to third parties.

In addition to fixes, we will also see an addition on our iPhones: a new wallpaper makes an appearance in honor of Black History Month, along with new spheres within watchOS 9.3.

Another fix is closely related to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple’s most “pro” phone had been suffering for some time from a bug on its screen, where flickering horizontal lines were visible. Thanks to iOS 16.3, users will no longer have to see those annoying lines again.

The new second-generation Homepod will also be compatible with this update, in addition to fixing bugs within Freeform, Apple’s collaborative application. Specifically, there was a bug that caused some drawings to not appear on shared whiteboards. Another bug that caused the lock screen to stay black has also been fixed.

How can I install iOS 16.3 on my iPhone?

As with iOS 16, this new version is compatible with all iPhones starting from the iPhone 8. If your device has not yet notified you that there is a new update, don’t worry as you can start the process yourself from Settings> General> Software update.

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