Update on Audio/Video support for MSN on Mac

Cyril Roger


msnmac.jpgThe fact that the next version of Messenger for Mac will have Audio/Video (AV) support is nothing new, yet it’s one of the most highly awaited new features of the program. The MSN client has been feeling the pressure in recent years and not just on PC. Other Mac clients like Adium, Mercury Messenger or aMSN already make for better alternatives, and even Yahoo! Messenger for Mac already has video support.

Good news, today the Mac Mojo blog (on Microsoft products for Mac), posted an update on the next version of MSN for Mac. Apparently the IM client is already available in private beta, but only for “corporate customers”. The team is working hard on providing the AV protocol both for personal and corporate users, the last one having apparently been successfully implemented. You’re probably thinking, ‘great but what about AV for private users like me?’ Not much more info there, except that the AV stack (protocol) is being adopted for Windows Live Messenger. So no precise date yet, and no real detail on how the AV service will work. Will there be interoperability with Skype, Google Talk and other IMs with talk support? Can we expect the latest version of MSN to make full use of the latest Leopard technology? We’ll have to wait a bit more to know.

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