Vivaldi updates on iOS with a plethora of novelties

Free browser seeks users on iOS

Vivaldi updates on iOS with a plethora of novelties
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Vivaldi, the open-source browser that landed on iOS this past summer, has been updated with many new features to enhance the user experience for those who have started using its services within the Apple ecosystem. Whether on iPhones or iPads, Apple users will enjoy these new features on their mobile devices and tablets.

These improvements would go through details such as the possibility of setting tabs, search shortcuts, and many other details that have been carried out thinking about the needs and feedback from Vivaldi users. Whether on iPhone or iPad, the browser continues to work on making its system more useful and making life easier for its users.

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What’s new in Vivaldi 6.4

Vivaldi for iOS still has some features to be added, but many of the things that users were asking for are now operational thanks to this latest update. And is that, one by one, all the improvements that have been carried out in Vivaldi for iOS are as follows:

  • Menu with search engines. You can easily find all the search engines with which Vivaldi is compatible, and activate the one you are most interested in.
  • Pin tabs. You can mark tabs to stay permanently within your browser and access them whenever you want.
  • Optimized interface on tablets. With the format so characteristic of iPads versus iPhones, the Vivaldi browser can be enjoyed more optimally than before on tablets.
  • Notes. You can take notes of what you need within the browser itself and keep them.
  • Reading list. You can bookmark various links to a reading list to find them easily when you have the time to consult them.
Vivaldi is compatible with iPad and has also optimized its interface for tablets

The eternal battle between browsers

Vivaldi is an option based on free software that, unlike other brands such as Chrome or Edge, offers greater freedom in terms of use of its software. This means that it has no problems in terms of compatibility with operating systems of any kind.

It is a niche option, but its use has gradually grown and it is currently one of the most popular free software-based browsers today. In fact, if you feel like enjoying a different but satisfying browsing experience, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Vivaldi for iPhone DOWNLOAD
Daniel García

Daniel García

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