Wallpapers for the weekend

Homer invades your screenSome time ago, during the cold month of November, we decided to cheer you up with a top 10 list of wallpapers of models and famous actresses. Today we’ve cooled things down a bit and have decided to list up some of the most downloaded wallpapers on Softonic.

There’s no particular theme to these, as they range from art to cartoons or video games. If you feel like your PC needs a little freshening up for the summer, you might find one that you like in this list:

  • GTA San Andreas Desktop – The controversial game by Rock Star is known for its vivid representation of gang wars.
  • Salvador Dali – Adorn your desktop with one of the most famous works of the surrealist Spanish painter.
  • LichtensteinIn the Car is a classic pop art painting and will bring you right back to the mid 50s.
  • Piccolo DragonBall Z – If you ever were a fan of the classic Japanese cartoon, this is your chance to reminisce.
  • Simpsons – Just when the movie is being released worldwide, you can decorate your PC with the whole Simpsons family.
  • Disney’s Fantasia – Disney’s experiment in animation and music provides stunning visual effects.
  • Free fractal – A crisp blue design to keep you cool for the summer.
  • Abstract Wallpaper – Go for an abstract theme on your desktop.
  • 3D Wallpaper – Decorate your PC with these oddly glowing blue mushrooms.
  • Junge Waterfall – No need to fly to the Amazon to visit the jungle, just install this animated wallpaper.
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