Want The Photos You Share To Be Breathtaking?

Patrick Devaney


We all want to upload cool pictures to our social media accounts. Most of the time, however, our pictures look flat and boring next to some of the amazing images that dominate our timelines. Well let me let you in on a little secret about all those pictures that you love. Most of the photos you see online were edited before they were posted.

Fear not though, as there are plenty of image editing programs out there, available for free, that’ll give you the power to post some of the coolest pictures Instagram and Facebook will have ever seen. Here are some of the best.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It has plenty of features and is open source, meaning the suite of features will be keep evolving at time goes by.Do you want the photos you share to be breathtaking - GIMP

All in all, GIMP is almost as powerful as Adobe Photoshop, the industry leading image editing software that comes with a hefty price tag. With GIMP you’ll have all the tools you’ll need for retouching and editing your images as well as creating completely new and unique images. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to take on some pretty hefty projects. Be warned though, GIMP is serious program and will take some getting used to.

Click Here to download GIMP


Do you want the photos you share to be breathtaking -

Paint.NET is the perfect program if you want something with a bit more oomph but you don’t want something as complex as Photoshop. Whilst maintaining a simple interface Paint.NET has plenty of features like color correction, contrast, sharpen and blur. It also allows you to work on multiple images at the same time and it is layer-friendly so you can easily manipulate separate sections of an image.

Click Here to download Paint.NET


Photoscape allows you organize, view and edit your everyday photos. It might not be the most comprehensive program on the list but if you’re Want The Photos You Share To Be Breathtaking? - photoscapelooking to make quick and simple enhancements to your images this is the program for you. Photoscape looks a bit different to the more comprehensive editing suites in this list but it is good for beginners because it offers instructions on how to use a tool whenever you click on it.

Click Here to download Photoscape


Want The Photos You Share To Be Breathtaking? - photivo

Photivo is an open source photo editor that has plenty of the features found on the other editors on this list and even allows for the retouching of RAW photos. It can be a little slow and frustrating at times but if you can bear with it, it has plenty to offer.

Click Here to download Photivo


Want The Photos You Share To Be Breathtaking? - pixlr

If you want to apply filters, effects or make modifications to your images then Pixlr is for you. It offers one of the simplest and most streamlined set of features you’ll find. Pixlr is easy to use and it won’t take you long to t get into it but if you’re looking for a more extensive photo editing suite you should probably look elsewhere.

Click Here to download Pixlr

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