Warning! New trojan targets Skype users

Warning! New trojan targets Skype users

Watch out people! Your Skype account may be at risk. Researchers from Palo Alto Networks have recently discovered a new, advanced trojan that targets Skype users. It has been nicknamed the T9000.

The aim of T9000 is to gain information about its victims by stealing their encrypted data and taking photos of the users’ applications. This is a much more advanced and effective version of the previous Trojan, dubbed T5000.

The rise of Skype as a tool for work and business might have motivated the creation of T9000, which also has the ability to record audio conversations. In theory, it’s logical to assume that the T9000 is aiming to steal information from companies. It shouldn’t attack “normal” people, but in any case, please be careful!

Source: ITProPortal

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