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Benefits And Perks Available With Amazon Prime (2023)

Have you ever wondered what’s included in your Amazon Prime membership? While accessing Prime Day is one of the most known benefits of Amazon’s loyalty plan, this subscription service brings much more than just exclusive discounts, fast delivery times, or free shipping for most of the sites’ products. If you’re having trouble keeping track of everything included in the program, you’ve come to the right place. This is everything available with Amazon Prime this 2023.

Free Same-day delivery

If you live in an eligible ZIP code, you’ll have access to Amazon’s same-day delivery service. To make use of it, simply choose a product compatible with this service and complete the checkout before noon of that same day. Keep in mind though that same-day delivery is only free if your purchase is over $35, otherwise, you’ll be charged $2.99 per order.


Free one-day delivery

Can’t opt for same-day delivery? Don’t worry. All prime members get free one-day delivery without a minimum purchase in most of its catalog. To check if what you’re buying is available in this plan, just filter your search with the “Get it tomorrow” option.

Try before you buy

One of the classic drawbacks of buying clothes online is the fact you won’t know if you chose the correct size or if the outfit actually suits you until it is too late. The same problem comes with shoes. Amazon is aware of this and for that reason, it offers the “Try Before You Buy” option. With it, you can get any eligible item of clothing, shoes, or accessories shipped completely free of charge and you’ll have 7 days to try them on before you pay for them.

Amazon Household

Amazon lets you share all your Prime benefits with your family through its Amazon Household system. The only catch is that, apart from all the perks, you’ll all share the same payment methods, so make sure you’re comfortable with that before sharing your Amazon details.

Amazon Key

Tired of missing deliveries because you’re at work or going for a walk? Don’t worry! Amazon offers all Prime members a convenient in-garage and in-gate delivery options. These let you safely receive any Amazon parcel, Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh order straight to your garage or behind any gated fence or driveway even when you’re not at home.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an on-demand video streaming service similar to Netflix or HBO. This service is included with your Prime membership or bought as a separate subscription. Amazon’s streaming platform has many different movie and series titles, including original content that you can watch or download just by being a member.

Amazon Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming is one of the newer benefits that members can enjoy. The service gives users access to free monthly games and exclusive in-game loot, and a free Twitch account. Some of the titles included in Prime Gaming are Apex Legends, Roblox, League of Legends, and more.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a useful cloud storage platform for all your precious photos and videos. While Amazon Photos has a free version available with limited storage, Prime members have unlimited cloud storage. This means you can keep all your photos safely backed up to the cloud in the highest resolution possible.

Amazon Music Prime

Amazon Prime members have access to over one hundred million ad-free songs and more than a million podcasts through Amazon Music. Not only is the music ad-free but there is also a convenient offline listening feature that allows users to listen to their favorite songs and podcasts without needing the internet – ideal for road trips and weekend getaways.

Amazon Kids+

While still not a free service, your subscription to Prime will give you a great discount on Amazon Kids+. This is a great platform where you’ll find books, games, videos, and Alexa skills carefully designed to help kids aged 3-12 learn, grow, and unlock their curiosity. Prime members only need to pay $4.99 per month to use the platform ($48 per year), while non-members $7.99 per month ($79 per year).


Prime members get a full year of Grubhub+ with their membership. This entitles all its subscribers to free deliveries in all their food orders that are $12 or more. The service’s normal price is $9.99 per month, which is an excellent deal for all foodies and takeout lovers.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

As a subscription service, Prime members can pay a monthly or yearly installment to enjoy all of the benefits that the platform has to offer. If you are a frequent online shopper, enjoy streaming movies and series, and enjoy reading ebooks, then you’ll find the membership fee well worth it.

The current Amazon Prime prices are $14.99 per month or $139 per year. Are you a student? Take advantage of the Prime Student benefits and pay only $7.49 per month or $69 per year.

How to get Amazon Prime for free

Still unsure if Amazon Prime is for you? Don’t worry. Amazon offers a 30-day trial period to any user who hasn’t been a member in the past year. To get Prime for free simply visit Amazon’s website and click on “Try Prime free for 30 days”. With it, you’ll be able to try all of Prime’s benefits before committing to a monthly or annual payment plan. And don’t worry, if are not convinced after a few days, you can cancel your free trial anytime without having to pay for anything.

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