What your mobile OS says about you

What your mobile OS says about you

Believe it or not, your choice of mobile phone says a lot about who you are. You only need to look at which mobile operating systems celebrities use to see that certain platforms favor certain types of person. Have a look at our mobile OS psychological profiling guide and find out what type of phone user you are and which stars you are most like.

Windows Mobile

Famous users: Jon Voight, Bono, Ozzie Osborne,Vin Rock (Naughty by Nature), Shaquille O’Neal

Windows MobileLet’s face it, the Windows Mobile platform is not as cool as it used to be, and the same can be said of its users. If you’re using Microsoft’s mobile OS, you probably think you’re still hip and down with the kids. But you can’t live off your former glories forever. You’re an aging dinosaur who needs to realize that there are younger, faster and better looking rivals out there.


Famous users: Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Pamela Anderson, Eva Longoria

BlackBerryYou’re a whirling socialite who demands attention wherever you go, and the BlackBerry OS is perfect for you. Thanks to its famed email and Internet functionality, you can keep abreast of who’s talking about you today and arrange all your therapy sessions of the fly. You’re the kind of person who would turn up to the opening of a bag of chips, so the great appointment scheduling features of BlackBerry are perfect for you.


Famous users: Stephen Fry, Demi Moore, Madonna, Jon Stewart, Ben Stiller, Jenny McCarthy

AppleYou’re intelligent, witty, a little ‘off the wall’ at times, but, like the iPhone’s manufacturer, you are still pretty cool even after all these years. You’re young at heart, but unlike Windows Mobile users, you seem to get better and more popular with age. You embrace new technologies and have the wherewithal to reinvent yourself to move with the times.


Famous users: Shah Rukh Khan (Bollywood actor), Hu Yan Bing (Chinese signer) , Billy Piper (British actress), Lily Allen (British singer), Taysha S. Valez (young pretend-billionaire)

SymbianYou are massively popular in your own country, but no one from America has ever heard of you. Celebrity Symbian users have mass appeal because they know what people want. You’re reliable and good looking, but without the fancy bells and whistles that your more glamorous peers have. You better up your game though, because your popularity won’t last forever.


Famous users: Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Seal, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Brady

AndroidYou’re great looking, trendy, and plenty of people think you’re the bee’s knees. Don’t get too cocky though, because when you really think about it, you haven’t actually achieved anything of note yet. It’s time to stop going on about how great you are and go out and prove to people that you have some substance to go with all that style.


Famous users: Anyone?

Technically, you’re braindead.

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