WhatsApp and its latest improvements: longer videos, new look, and more

WhatsApp has changed, in case you hadn't noticed.

WhatsApp and its latest improvements: longer videos, new look, and more
Daniel García

Daniel García

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WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging application in the western world, now has new and eye-catching improvements that aim to offer users a new leap in quality of life and possibilities for their service. Among other things, advances have been made in privacy and in the ability of statuses to share longer videos than before.

All of these are improvements that are expected by many users, who, for example, have been demanding for a long time that WhatsApp should allow sharing videos longer than 30 seconds through statuses without being cut into different posts. Now, in that particular case, they will be able to see their request fulfilled by sharing longer videos.

Improvements in videos and design

As pointed out by techcabal, WhatsApp has carried out a new update that has made numerous changes. The most visible one is in the new interface, which adds elements at the bottom of the screen, but there are more news, such as the mentioned videos of up to 1 minute in duration to be published in the statuses.

Regarding the new design of the application, although many users have been reluctant to change (it is one of the most radical aesthetic changes in years), the bottom bar provides more information about navigation within WhatsApp and, although it reduces the amount of “useful screen” while navigating through these menus, it is capable of providing valuable data for users who navigate between different WhatsApp functions, such as channels, chats, and statuses.

The previous design of WhatsApp is a thing of the past

Advances in privacy and messaging

These changes are not as recent as the ones mentioned above, but they are also quite important to protect users’ privacy. For example, in recent weeks, significant progress has also been made in the end-to-end encryption applied by WhatsApp, aligning it with European laws, which are more stringent than in other regions.

On the other hand, elements have also been implemented to reduce the growing spam, such as the ability to mute calls from unknown numbers (waiting, of course, for WhatsApp to implement settings to block this type of calls from unknown numbers within the app), and improvements have also been made with the temporary deletion of messages in conversations, being able to configure it by default for new conversations you are going to have.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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