WhatsApp copies Telegram: restricted groups are now here

WhatsApp groups now have a new feature: administrators have the power to decide if other members can write messages or not.

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Although at first this feature seems a bit like censorship, it’s best to look at it another way: with this option, WhatsApp closes in on one of its rivals, Telegram, which has groups that you simply join to receive information, nothing more.


For example, this option is very useful for creating WhatsApp channels to send news, offers or any other information to group members. Also, restricting comments avoids spam and the disclosure of private data.

Although in restricted groups, normal members can’t write messages, there’s an option to get in touch with the administrators privately.

At first, this option will only be available for the iOS and Android versions of the app. To check if you have it activated, just go to the group where you’re an administrator, enter the group options and look for the option “Group settings” or something similar. Once here, you can adjust the settings for “Sending messages.” You can select who can send messages: just admins or all chat participants.


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