WhatsApp for iPad is now available in beta phase and will reach all users very soon

A highly anticipated feature

WhatsApp for iPad is now available in beta phase and will reach all users very soon
Daniel García

Daniel García

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app on smart devices, and it’s important for it to provide a quality service on all types of platforms. So, WhatsApp for iPad, a request that has been around for many years, can finally be used, although it is currently in the beta phase, which prepares the app for its final version.

Anyone interested can join the beta program to test WhatsApp for iPad, although this version will have its own flaws and bugs typical of the development phase. However, considering that the application is already in this advanced phase, it’s only a matter of time before the final version is available on Apple tablets.

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Meta and its issues with iPad

It’s been a long-standing issue for Meta to provide subpar service to iOS tablets. The versions of their applications on iPads have always been a source of complaint for many users, as they show poorer work compared to their Android counterparts and are much inferior to what they offer on iPhones. However, the arrival of WhatsApp on iPads is expected to be a turning point in this trend.

As for the functionality itself, it would be identical to, for example, WhatsApp Web, connecting to the main account through a QR code and linking the service simultaneously. Inside, users would have the usual WhatsApp features connected to the iPad.

The iPad has always been seen as a reference point in the world of tablets, which they pioneered.

WhatsApp is evolving

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has implemented a significant number of updates in recent months, making 2023 one of the years with the most changes within the app. One example is the ability to send content in high definition, both in photos and videos, something many users have been requesting for years.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning one of its main sources of inspiration: the features of Telegram, its main competitor in the instant messaging app segment. Observing Telegram has also allowed them to borrow ideas like instant videos, for instance.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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