Spiceworks’ Macbook Pro and Surface Pro giveaway

Spiceworks’ Macbook Pro and Surface Pro giveaway

Spiceworks’ Network Monitor is the comprehensive network tool for IT professionals. It places everything you need to manage your network on a single screen, allowing you to see and fix problems in real-time. And best of all, if you try its free service for a week, you can win either a Mac Book Pro or a Surface Book Pro.

Custom built for IT professionals

Offering a massive range of practical and free tools, Spiceworks award winning range of products have been trusted by millions of IT professionals for almost a decade.

Its latest server-based tool, Network Monitor, uses knowledge gathered from their huge network of SysAdmins, Network Administrators, and Systems Administrators to create the perfect dashboard to monitor your whole Windows or Linux network environment.

Port View

Fix problems before they happen

Network Monitor can be set up in minutes and allows you to track everything in real-time. You can see what is happening on critical interfaces, server, and device throughout your network. Network Monitor can track problems both onsite and offsite with ease – as well as allowing you to address potential issues through a remote desktop connection.

Network Monitor has a clean, easy to follow visual interface. Everything is displayed on a single screen, allowing you to track server activity and network utilization. This data includes disk and CPU usage, active processes and services, system memory, and other environmental data.

Help Desk

Spiceworks’ Network Monitor delivers all of this information in real-time. This enables you to pinpoint problems as they happen, see what is effected, who it effects, and fix it quickly. Now you can fix small issues before they become problems, and problems they ever impact your users!

As if this wasn’t enough, Spiceworks also offers Help Desk. This service is build for IT professionals who want to offer a help service to their users, but lack the hardware infrastructure to set it up. The Hosted Edition of Help Desk is filled with all the features millions of Spiceworks’ users have come to depend on, giving access to the tools and community they need to keep their customers happy.

Global Thresholds

Macbook Pro and Surface Pro giveaway

Softonic is partnering with Spiceworks to bring IT professionals a brilliant offer, the chance to win a Macbook Pro or Surface Pro – your choice – for just trying the superb Network Monitor.

If you are a SysAdmins, Network Administrators, or Systems Administrators all you have to do is download Spiceworks’ Network Monitor and try out all of its incredible features.

After using it for one week, just leave a product review on the Spiceworks Community page, and you will be in with a chance to win one of these fantastic devices. Which will you choose?

Hurry. You only have until November 20 to download the Network Monitor and participate in the contest.

Win a Macbook or Surface

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