CyberGhost 6: A Powerful VPN Service That is Easy to Use

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VPNs are a big deal these days as users want to accesstheir content when travelling outside of their country and to generally feel feel secure whilst browsing the internet. CyberGhost 6 provides both of these services very well and offers many more secure VPN services from its simple and easy to use interface. Today we’re going to look into the features that a premium license of CyberGhost 6 would give you access to.

This article is brought to you by CyberGhost VPN – A simple and secure VPN service.


How do VPN Services Work?

Every computer has an IP address which is assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This can then be used to discover the geographic location of your Internet Service Provider. VPN services like Cyber Ghost override this IP address and replace it with one from a number of services that they have in various locations.

Simple Layout

CyberGhost have 650 servers in 30 countries available for users of its service. This gives users a huge amount of freedom and control when it comes to accessing the internet. It also complicates matters, quite considerably, with plenty of options to consider when controlling your internet connection. For this reason CyberGhost have put a lot of effort into creating a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand.



What Do You Want to Do Today?

The CyberGhost Home Screen has 6 tiles that each represents a single VPN profile. Each profile has been curated by CyberGhost to perform some of the most common uses for a VPN. If you’re a more advanced user the 6th tile offers you the chance to choose your VPN server yourself. The Home Screen is easily accessible from your system app tray meaning you can easily switch between profiles depending on what you’re doing.


If you’re not too sure about how to use VPN services these curated profiles are really helpful:

  • SURF ANONYMOUSLY will enable all of CyberGhost’s protection components and will start your browser in incognito mode. It also allows users to manually change the pre-set features, according to their own preference.
  • TORRENT ANONYMOUSLY will select the fastest Peer2Peer (P2P) compatible server (at the time of the release) and will activate the appropriate protection measure for P2P sharing.
  • UNBLOCK STREAMING gives you a list of streaming sites that CyberGhost can give you access to no matter your geographic location. This is fully automated, meaning you don’t have to search through different servers in the hopes of catching your favorite TV program.
  • UNBLOCK BASIC WEBSITES is available to all CyberGhost users and allows access to basic websites that may be censored in various parts of the world.


  • PROTECT MY INTERNET CONNECTION will automatically connect you to servers in your own country. As well as that it’ll remember any wireless networks you’ve accessed and provide you with the same amount of protection you selected last time you used it.
  • CHOOSE MY VPN SERVER is for more advanced users and gives you total control over your internet connection. If you’re a little more comfortable playing around with the VPN settings this is for you. It allows you to manually select the server you’re using and gives you the option to narrow down the list to include only the types of servers you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the fastest servers for example or for servers that are P2P compatible you can simply select from them from the upper menu.



Fully Customizable

Each of profile has a number of features activated within them designed to facilitate optimized browsing in line with your needs. These settings can be customized, however, using the simple switches found on the control panel of each profile. The settings that you select, including the country you’re browsing from, remain selected every time you connect using that profile.


A useful feature is the Ad-Blocking feature which gives you control over which websites you’ll support by allowing their ads to be shown. This can be used in conjunction with Data Compression, Malware Protection and Online Tracking Prevention to save on data costs whilst using a mobile connection.

Mobile Protection

The Premium license, which cost $4.99 a month, gives access to all of CyberGhost’s profiles and features on 1 device. This means that you’re able to use all of the features on your mobile device as well as your home computer as long as you’re not logged in on both devices at the same time. If, however, you’re looking for hassle free experience and would like to protect more than one device the Premium Plus License, which costs $7.99 a month, allows you to run all of CyberGhost’s Features across 5 devices simultaneously.

Free Version Available

There is a free version of CyberGhost 6 available which will give you full access to all that CyberGhost has to offer for 3 days. After the trial period is over you’ll receive lifelong access to the “Unblock Basic Websites” profile. This is due to CyberGhost’s policy of wanting to free up basic information to web users all over the world.


Future Proof

The true power of the application, however, lies in the Premium and Premium Plus Licenses. These give you complete control over your internet connections and can even help you save on data costs if you’re using a mobile connection to access the internet. The Premium and Premium Plus Licenses also include free upgrades to any future versions of CyberGhost.

Simple to Use and Powerful VPN

All in all CyberGhost 6 Premium offers you a powerful VPN package that gives you complete control over your internet connection. The level of control is up to you with CyberGhost’s user friendly interface and curated profiles meaning anybody can take advantage of the features it offers. More advanced users are able to exert more control over the program and with 650 servers in 30 countries there is plenty of control to be had. The free version allows you to experience all of CyberGhost’s features and profiles for a short amount of time but if you’re after a long term solution, whether it be for streaming services or anonymity, the Premium and Premium Plus Licenses will give you full access to a simple but powerful VPN service.

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