Windows Live Messenger for iPhone – first pictures

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone – first pictures

Windows Live for iPhoneThe new Windows Live Messenger for iPhone seems to be taking shape nicely, if these first screenshots are anything to go by. The images, released by, show the user interface of the new IM client, which is due for release as a public beta in June. The app will also include the brand new Windows Live Wave 4.

The user interface of Windows Live Messenger on the iPhone (assuming the screenshots are genuine) appears to be very well structured. There are tabs for Social, Friends, Chats and Photos. It looks like it will be essentially be a social networking hub a la the Facebook app, with the IM client bolted on. The Messenger client should support file transfers (or at least photo transfers) and it seems the traditional sky blue color scheme of Windows Live Messenger will be retained.

Watch this space for more details about Windows Live Messenger. Oh, and thanks to OnSoftware France for the tip-off.

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Windows Live for iPhone 2


Windows Live for iPhone 3

 Windows Live for iPhone 4

 Windows Live for iPhone 5

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