You are 10x more likely to catch a virus if you download outside of Google Play

The risk of contracting malware on your Android device is multiplied by 10 if you choose to download apps from an unofficial source. Google has revealed that it currently analyzes around six billion applications and devices a day, in order to detect potentially harmful apps (PHAs). Users who use the Google Play store to download, are much less exposed to safety hazards, as only 0.15% of their apps contain them.

Google has also shown a comparison that examines malware data taken between 2014 and 2015, which shows a decline in the number of spyware found in applications or fraud text messages, and an increase in the type of malware that steals user data and automatically downloads malicious apps without warning.

The launch of Android Marshmallow has helped introduce new security measures, but it’s not the only Google product that’s taking anti-malware seriously – Google Chrome includes features for safe navigation, and there are now reward programs in place for users who detect vulnerabilities before they do.

It’s a dangerous Android world out there – stay safe and only trust Google!

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