You search, they grow trees

You search, they grow trees

ecocho.pngFor the series, ‘I want to do something about climate change, but I don’t want to change my lifestyle’, here’s another chapter. How you can offset your carbon footprint without making nearly any effort?

Ecocho claims to plant two trees for every 1,000 searches made through their website, which uses the Google or Yahoo as search engines. The search results are the same as the ones you would get if you were using the two main search engines directly, the only difference is that by using EcoCho you help the Earth get greener. Unfortunately, trees are now planted just in Australia, while it should have been fairer to have them planted in the users’ country of residence. We all want to breathe better air!

You can also get a toolbar for Firefox and IE and add the Ecocho-Yahoo or Ecocho-Google search in the ‘quick search’ function at the top right-hand corner of your browser. If this is not enough there is also available a game where you have to help the website’s tree mascot to get more Co2 so to grow bigger and bigger. Although I wouldn’t recommend the game, which is fairly boring and doesn’t help the environment, I would advise you to have a look at some web sites to know more about the effects of climate change:

BBC Climate, reports the evidence, the impacts the adaptation we have to face and the Kyoto policies.

Threehugger, advices on how to green every aspect of your life, from work to sex!

Countdownyourfootprint, promotes environmental awareness and solutions

Don’t forget you can find out more about your carbon footprint using programs that can help you calculate the figure like The carbon footprint calculator.

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