YouTube’s new live-streaming platform

YouTube’s new live-streaming platform

Google is apparently working on a new live-streaming app, supposedly called YouTube Connect.

You might have already realized that live-streaming apps such as Periscope have grown increasingly popular over the last year – even Facebook has jumped onboard with its new video function. Recent reports indicate that Google has secretly been working on creating its own version, which will enable users to broadcast their own live streams straight from the smartphone (yeah, nothing groundbreaking here).

Just like the other apps available, users can log in using their YouTube or Google accounts and start streaming directly from their devices, which according to sources, should be available on both iOS and Android handsets.

Although this feature doesn’t seem to offer anything particularly different to the others already available, there is one thing that differentiates YouTube with the others – its video reputation.

Google hasn’t confirmed anything as of yet – but it is presumed that there may be an announcement during the Google I/O in May this year. Stay tuned!

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