Zoner Photo Studio, a great photo viewer and editor

With so many photo managers available today, it’s hard to find one that stands out of the crowd. But Zoner Photo Studio Free has done it, thanks to its great selection of tools and above all, an unbeatable price.

Zoner Photo Studio Free

Zoner Photo Studio Free is the light, freeware version of Zoner Photo Studio Professional. It doesn’t have as many options and features as its big brother, but it works perfectly fine as photo importer, manager, editor and organizer. The program can assist you in the whole photo process, from the moment you extract them from your digital camera to the moment you decide to share them online.

The program features a handy interface with several different areas, identified by tabs on the top right corner: Manager is a kind of file explorer for your photos, which lets you browse your collection with ease; Viewer displays any selected image in glorious full screen, and can also play a complete folder as a slideshow; and finally the Editor includes all the tools you need to fix and spice up images. The editing tools in Zoner Photo Studio go from the basics – like adjusting colors and brightness – to the most complex ones, including aligning the horizon, fixing the dreadful red-eye effect and using a clone stamp to replicate certain elements on your image.

Zoner Photo Studio Free

When you’re done editing your photos, you can simply store them on your computer or go creative with Zoner Photo Studio’s publishing options. From creating a wallpaper or a calendar with your favorite shots to sharing pics of your newborn baby on Facebook and Flickr right from the program, you’ll surely find something interesting to do with your photos.

Zoner Photo Studio Free

Zoner Photo Studio may be a stripped-down version of a more professional app, but I have to say there weren’t any tools or options I missed when working with my photos. If, like me, you’re just a regular photographer who likes to take pictures from time to time, do some basic editing and share them on Facebook or Flickr, Zoner Photo Studio is the perfect app for you.

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