Zoom uncomplicates your contact center

Zoom uncomplicates your contact center
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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Zoom is upping its game with a fresh feature update aimed squarely at call center clients, all in the name of enhancing interaction and client contentment. And guess what? Artificial intelligence is in the mix.

With the debut of its comprehensive Workforce Engagement Management suite, Zoom is aiming to become a one-stop-shop for businesses, negating the need to piece together various software from multiple providers.

In the words of Kentis Gopalla, who’s steering this innovative suite at Zoom:

“The contact center is at the heart of every customer experience, and the Workforce Engagement Management suite ensures that Zoom customers have everything they need to deliver excellence to their customers.”

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A closer look to Zoom Workforce Engagement Management

Zoom’s newly unveiled suite brings together two unique components: Workforce Management and Quality Management, each with a specific focus to enhance customer engagement and business operations.

Quality Management comes in strong with AI capabilities that scan and analyze customer interactions. The objective? To elevate agent performance by ensuring they’re asking the right questions. This AI-driven analysis helps not just the agents but also lessens the workload for supervisors who are keeping tabs on performance metrics.

Workforce Management, on the other hand, is the operational heartbeat of the suite. Its role is to make certain the contact center is adequately staffed, aligning the workforce with customer demand. How does it do this? By leveraging AI to analyze past data, up to a month back, and generate staff schedules right within the Zoom app.

While it’s still early days to gauge how Zoom’s Contact Center tools measure up against competitors, the company’s earnest embrace of AI technology could well be the convincing factor for customers seeking the most streamlined workflow solutions.

A holistic suite

Zoom has introduced a holistic suite aimed at optimizing contact center operations, and one of its pivotal elements is Workforce Management. This tool is designed to fine-tune the staffing levels within contact centers, ensuring that the right number of agents are on hand to meet fluctuating customer demand.

Forecasting tools powered by AI

Workforce Management deploys artificial intelligence to facilitate the decision-making process for contact center leaders. The tool allows for the extraction and analysis of historical data from Zoom Contact Center. This aids in predicting upcoming call volumes and expected handling times, enabling advance scheduling for up to a month.

Automated scheduling for flexibility

The tool goes beyond simple forecasting by automatically generating schedules based on predicted data. This removes the need for cumbersome spreadsheet calculations, allowing leaders to have a bird’s-eye view of agent activities and shift patterns. Schedules can be adapted on the fly, providing an agile approach to workforce planning.

Intraday oversight for quick adaptability

Workforce Management also offers intraday management features. These allow leaders to keep a real-time pulse on staffing adherence, making it easier to adapt to unexpected events or changing needs throughout the day. Metrics on agent performance can be monitored in real-time, offering immediate insights into areas for improvement.

Availability and more information

Both the Workforce Management and Quality Management tools are part of the Workforce Engagement Management suite, which is now available for Zoom Contact Center customers. For a deep dive into what Zoom’s Workforce Engagement Management suite has to offer, you can visit Zoom’s official website.

Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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