Download 2 D Games Free For Windows - Best Software & Apps

  1. M.U.G.E.N

    • 3.9
    • (2407 votes)

    The game engine for retro gaming lovers

    M.U.G.E.N game engine was released in 2001. This engine allows people to put customized character animations, levels, and items related to games in order to...

  2. EarthRoyale

    • 2.5
    • (2 votes)

    A free map observation game

    EarthRoyale is a simulation game that lets you watch a modern world randomly unfold. In this free-to-play idle game, you watch a 2D world map where something...

  3. When Grand Theft Auto was still 2D

    Now available as a free download as part of Rockstar's GTA classic series, GTA 2 is set in a futuristic metropolis, controlled by warring gangs.Before the...

  4. Keep your undead army growing

    Right Click to Necromance is a free action video game wherein you can resurrect your very own undead army. Developed by Juicy Beast, this 2D indie game is a...

  5. Dragon Ball Z

    • 3.8
    • (8129 votes)

    Freeware 2D combat game featuring characters from Dragon Ball Z

    What do you get if you cross Manga animation with a blistering martial arts fighting game? Super Dragon Ball Z. This classic arcade fighting game is based on...


    • 4.2
    • (902 votes)

    An unusual but interesting game

    UNITALE is a free and easy puzzle game for Windows users. It is set in a 2D framework and is designed using simple game creating software. Though the...

  7. An interactive exhibit of horrors

    Exhibit of Sorrows is a free-to-play simulation that puts you in the shoes of an unwary audience at a carnival booth exhibit. In this interactive game from...

  8. Free Game for Simulation Fans

    Sort the Court is a free-to-play simulator where you take on the role of a king. In this 2D animated game from Graebor, your wisdom is put to the test as you...

  9. Try to deny your nighttime visitor in this free horror game

    (Don't) Open Your Eyes is a short but free horror-themed simulation video game wherein you must do only one thing: avoid opening your eyes. Developed by...

  10. 2D Fighting Game Action

    Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag 2 is a free action game by Haetataki. It utilizes the M.U.G.E.N. engine which is recognized for its customization and easy to use...

  11. Minicraft

    • 3.5
    • (543 votes)

    A 2D mix of Zelda and Minecraft

    From the creator of Minecraft, this is Minicraft. It's a top-down 2D game, like the old Zelda titles, that plays like a simplified version of Minecraft...

  12. A free and fun 2D indie puzzle game

    Meteor 60 Seconds! Is a game that only gives you 60 seconds to live before a meteor kills the whole plant. You have to solve situational puzzles in order to...

  13. WinBoard

    • 3.8
    • (75 votes)

    A classic 2D chess game with support for online games

    WinBoard is a pretty basic chess game that is mainly intended to play games online, using different chess engines.In fact Winboard works more as a graphic...

  14. Solve a mystery in this Rusty Lake game

    The Past Within is a point-and-click adventure game from Rusty Lake. In this free-play game, you will be faced with solving a mystery for someone already...

  15. A free AI creature game

    The Bibites is a free simulation video game wherein you can spawn and evolve little critters. Developed by Léo “The Bibites” Caussan, this 2D pixelated indie...

  16. Exbrosive action

    Movie tie-in games are usually pretty awful, cheap cash-ins that draw on big names to attract their audience. But I suppose I could say the same thing, word...

  17. A Pool Game Worth Pocketing

    A game that is free to download, Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Snooker - Pro Arcade 2D is ideal for phones, tablets and PCs. It works with a two player mode, but...

  18. Don’t trust your furniture

    Perfect Vermin is a free short action horror video game wherein you must smash up suspicious-looking furniture. Developed by Maceo bob Mair and Angad...

  19. Play a different yet fun Counter Strike

    Counter-Strike 2D is a 2D clone of one of the most famous multiplayer games ever created: Counter-Strike, by Valve Software.Its main difference from the...