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  1. High speed police chases on your iPad

    Smash Cops Heat for iPad is an arcade game where you take part in high speed police chases to try and take down criminals.The gameplay in Smash Cops Heat for...

  2. The latest installment of the legendary action game on iPhone and iPad

    Infinity Blade III is the latest installment of the series that revolutionized mobile gaming. After the first release, Infinity Blade amazed the world with...

  3. Sudoku

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    Play Sudoku on your Android device

    Sudoku is the perfect kind of game to play on your phone or PDA, and we've seen loads of versions of the puzzler released across the different mobile...

  4. Visit GTA's Liberty City in high definition on your iPad

    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is a portable sandbox action adventure set in the violent, corrupt and fictional Liberty City. Guide Huang Lee on a revenge...