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  1. Live Stream Your Favourite Shows

    Disney XD - Watch Now is a mobile entertainment app designed for Android and iOS that lets users watch their favourite Disney XD shows right on their tablets...

  2. Download for free and without limits from the BitTorrent network to your Android

    With uTorrent Pro for Android, you can download free music, movies, games, documents and other files to your smartphone or tablet using the BitTorrent...

  3. Playster

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    Playster is an on-demand entertainment service providing unlimited games, movies, music and books.

  4. A free update for Android TV Core Services

    Android TV Core Services is a free support package from Google, which works by updating the core services used by Android TV devices, such as the YouTube...

  5. The official app for downloading files from the BitTorrent Network

    With BitTorrent Pro for Android, you can download files (music, movies, games, documents) for free on your smartphone or tablet using torrents.

  6. Pop the Globlin invasion!

    Globlins is an addictive and clever puzzle game where you must stop an invasion of slimy aliens. Each level has Globlins plopped all over a tiled board and...

  7. Waves Nx
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    Effortlessly Create 3D Sounds with Headphones On

    Waves Nx is a software application that helps create 3D sound. In other words, the app creates virtual mixing when using headphones. The application uses...

  8. Backup your music, games, movies, photos and data files

    VSO CopyToDVD is an all-in-one backup and recording utility that helps you burn your data to CD, DVD and Blu-Ray.Whether you need to create backup copies of...

  9. Free Streaming Service from Disney Channel

    Disney Channel - watch now is a streaming service which brings the best of the Disney Channel to a free app. With a library of shows, live watching, games...

  10. Get free iTunes music, movies, and apps over the holiday season

    12 Days of Gifts gives you free music, movies, games, apps and more for 12 days over the holiday season. Every day from 26th December to 6th January you can...