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  1. Take control of Spider-man in this free-to-play action game

    Spider-man has always been one of the most popular comic book superheroes, especially among teenage boys. Now, this is your chance to experience the crime...

  2. A 1998 console game that was built for the PC

    Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was created by Epic Games and released for the PC in 1998. It was special at the time because few side-scrolling platform games were built...

  3. Driver

    • 3.3
    • (67 votes)

    Go back to the 70s via the 90s in this classic driving game

    This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in iPhone > Mobile Games > Racing Games.Driver is a 3D game where you play expert...

  4. One of the games that define the early 90s generation of games

  5. A tower defense game featuring classic 1990s warfare

    Defense Zone 3 is a tower defense game, but the game style and warfare units are almost identical to the sort of thing you would see in late 90s games in an...

  6. Extremely Weird FPS Action in Grezzo 2

    Grezzo 2 is a free first-person shooter that models itself closely around nineties FPS classics such as Duke Nukem 3D and Hexen. The game places you into the...

  7. Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour revisits a classic

    The early-to-mid 1990s were formative years for the first-person shooter genre, and one of the most influential games of that era was 1996's Duke Nukem 3D....

  8. Early 90s tactical game from ea

    Syndicate Plus is a re-release of the game 'Syndicate' allied together with its expansion pack, 'Syndicate: American Revolt', and it came out in 1996. The...

  9. Onirism

    • 2.2
    • (3 votes)

    A whimsical 3D platformer

    Onirism is a third-person adventure game from independent developer Crimson Tales. Play as Carol, a young girl traversing dream worlds in an attempt to...

  10. The 90s Sporting Tournament Returns

    Windjammers 2 is a sports game by DotEmu. The game is the sequel of the classic arcade game Windjammers. It resembles Pong at first glance, but what stands...

  11. Mid 90s first person shooter game

    Rise Of The Triad: Dark War, devised and published by Apogee, was released in 1994 and it is a first-person shooter game with an arcade, casual element. The...

  12. A first-person shooter with a late 90s style

    Reflex was inspired by Quake and the Unreal series from the late 90s, but this game has far smoother and better graphics than the games of the late 90s. The...

  13. The 16-bit Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom game we never got

    It may be 30 years too late, but Traps ‘n Gemstones should have been a licensed title to accompany Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Its open exploration...

  14. Can you remember the 90s?

    Guess the 90's will test your knowledge of the decade of Britney Spears, slap bracelets and Power Rangers.

  15. Create a genealogy tree

    Family is an amazing, trial version Mac software, belonging to the category Science & Education.

  16. Lost Ship

    • 1.9
    • (9 votes)

    Classic shoot 'em up action

    Lost Ship is a fast paced vertical scrolling shoot 'em up. The title of the game is pretty much the story - of a Lost Ship. You have to shoot your way...

  17. First-Person Space-Based RPG for PlayStation 4

    Set in the vast expanse of space, Korix pits the player against hordes of enemies who have just destroyed his home planet. This strategy-based platform will...

  18. A free program for Android, by Old Shed Apps.

    Ultimate 90s Quiz is a free software for Android, belonging to the category 'Trivia'.

  19. Go Retro in Zorkron 1998 Edition

    Zorkron 1998 Edition is a free re-release of the original Zorkron - but with a funky new twist. All of the gameplay of Zorkron is present and correct, but it...

  20. Doom Goes Platforming in MiniDoom II

    MiniDoom II is a free fangame that puts a new twist on the classic first person shooter Doom by reinventing it as an old-school 2D platform game. With blocky...