Download Pc Security - Best Software & Apps | 7

  1. A superhero that looks after your PC

  2. Erase all traces of your Internet and PC activity

    Privacy is such a key issue these days, yet we often neglect to think about just how exposed our movements are. Click on the Windows 'Start' menu then...

  3. Comprehensive solution to maintain a public PC

  4. Protect your machine with this pre-boot authentication tool

    CompuSec PC Security Suite is an awesome, free program only available for Windows, being part of the category Security software with subcategory Encryption.

  5. Get rid of different virus threats

    S.O.S. Security Suite is an anti-spam and anti-spy program that can fully safeguard your PC desktop system from various threats. This security and privacy...

  6. Free malware scanner to clean and protect your PC from viruses, spyware, trojans, bots, adware and worms.

  7. File security management tool for PC

    ThisIsMyFile is a free utility tool made by SoftwareOK for PC devices. It is a file manager program that helps users unlock or delete locked files and...

  8. Check out the security of the information saved on your PC

  9. Stop low-level access to your PC

  10. Define the time when users can work on PC

  11. Control the Internet access of various users on your PC

  12. Correct security vulnerabilities on your PC

    Personal Software Inspector is a free, all-in-one program to help discover security vulnerabilities on your computer and solve them quickly, saving you from...

  13. Protect publicly accessible PC from being tampered

  14. Protect your PC from viruses, spyware, Trojans and more

    Antiy Ghostbusters is a complete security tool that protects your system in real time and scans it in search of viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and all...

  15. PC-based software to store user login information

    IE AutoLogin can take the guesswork out of logging into numerous sites on the Internet Explorer browsing platform. It is able to store all user data and...

  16. Protect your PC and create security rules

    FirewallPAPI is a specialised firewall that specifically routes traffic that uses the TCP and UDP protocols. It does this using three key parameters - the IP...

  17. Block access to the possible distractions while working on your PC

    DoNotDisturb is a nice, free software only available for Windows, belonging to the category Security software with subcategory Blockers & Access Control...

  18. Keep your PC safe from viruses like Vundo

    VundoFix is an effective weapon in the fight against Vundo viruses on your PC.The Vundo virus generally bombards users with popups for programs like WinFixer...