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  1. Fast and efficient PDF editor for business and personal use

    PDF Unlocker Tool is a very useful software package for users who may need to modify or share specific contents within a standard PDF document. It can also...

  2. Access Skype directly from MS Office

    Don't you just hate it when work interrupts your Skype calls? Oops, I mean the other way around, honest boss. Well, there's no reason why you can't combine...

  3. Quickly access Facebook in your menu bar

    MenuTab for Facebook is a handy app that sits in your menu bar and allows you to quickly access your Facebook.MenuTab for Facebook is a great app if you're a...

  4. Customizable menu with quick access to programs and Web

    Aqua Deskperience is a regular, trial version software only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Software utilities with subcategory Task Bar...

  5. Making life easier

    Button Mapper: Remap your Keys is a tool that would let you assign functions to certain keys on your device. You can think of it as personalizing and...

  6. Guten Reader

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    Thousands of free literature classics at your fingertips

    Guten Reader gives you access to more than 18,000 ebooks, all of them classics of literature classics from the Gutenberg Project.The Guten Reader interface...

  7. SuperDocker

    • 3.2
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    Modify the appearance of Leopard

    Customization applications have always been a big hit on Mac, and with the arrival of Leopard a whole range of new Dock and folder appearance applications...

  8. Quick access to your applications

    Application Wizard lets you control your applications from one place.The program allows you to open, close and switch from applications in seconds. You can...

  9. Mobster

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    Share iTunes playlists and listen to other users' playlists

    Unless you’ve been stuck in a cave with a record-player for the last five years you’ll have noticed that the way people listen to music has changed a little...

  10. Quick access to folders you frequently use & virtual drive manager

  11. The quickest route to the tools you need

    Trampoline is a Dock-like application that brings your most used Mac applications onto your desktop in a smooth circular palette. Choose and arrange the...

  12. Access your hard drive from the System Tray

    Using Windows Explorer can sometimes feel like rather a long-winded way of accessing the contents of your hard drive.Hawkscope is a Java-based application...

  13. Protect your privacy: Analyze and control which apps have access to your information

    Online Privacy Shield shows you the personal information that you're sharing with well-known web services (and any apps linked to them) such as Facebook...

  14. Browse, check prices, and more from your Android tablet

    Amazon is an excellent shopping application where you can buy just about anything.

  15. Research and buy electronics and more

    Newegg for Windows 8 is a shopping app that lets you search for and research products on has always provided a great shopping experience...

  16. Quick and easy access to folders, files and other objects

    Folder management is something that we all have to learn to love or hate and the more you have, the more you can start to hate it.FastFolders aims to reduce...

  17. A free app for Windows, by Expired.

    MainMenu is a free software for Windows, belonging to the category 'Utilities'.

  18. Quick access to the front page stories of from your menu-bar

    DiggUpdate is a helpful, free multiplatform program (also available for Windows), belonging to the category Internet software.

  19. Easy Access to Trello

    If you use Trello on a regular basis, be it for personal or professional endeavours, you might appreciate Tab for Trello making your life that little bit...

  20. AllBookmarks

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    Quick access to bookmarks across multiple browsers

    Ever been in a situation where you want to access your bookmarks but not wait to open your browser first? AllBookmarks adds a new tool to your Mac OS X menu...