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  1. A free and reliable web browser

    Torch Browser is a free and lightweight web browser created using the Chromium source code. It provides various media-focused features like a media grabber...

  2. One of the brightest flashlight apps!

    Flashlight LED Torch Light is one of the most popular flashlight apps for smartphones. With its plenty of features and simple interface, it allows you to...

  3. Scared of Slenderman? Well turn your eye away from this terrifying ghost

    Slenderman made scary games popular. The aim is simple: collect clues and escape uninjured without laying eyes on the monster that stalks you. Eyes - The...

  4. Shine Brighter

     Flashlight is a free Utilities & Tools  app by RV AppStudios. It functions both as a flashlight with extra lighting options and a viewing tool.

  5. A free Entertainment app for Android

    Disco Light™ LED Flashlight is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Entertainment, and has been developed by Guro Labs.

  6. CometBird

    • 3.9
    • (338 votes)

    Lightweight web browser with extra tools

    Everyday there are more and more web browsers for you to choose: not only new major versions from the most popular ones, but also less well known options...

  7. A free Tools app for Android

    Color Flashlight is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Tools, and has been developed by Notes.

  8. Free Program to Enhance the Existing Flashlight of a Mobile Phone

    Thanks to the use of this handy application, there is no longer a need to fumble around in the dark. Camera Flashlight provides a superior sense of...

  9. A Free program for Android‚ by ZenUI ASUS Computer Inc.

    Flashlight - LED Torch Light is a free Android program, belonging to the category'Business & Productivity' , and developed by ZenUI ASUS Computer Inc.

  10. Flashlight

    • 4.5
    • (18 votes)

    Free and Useful LED Torch Light for Mobile Phones

    Most modern smartphones come equipped with a built-in flashlight and unfortunately, these normally do not provide the proper illumination. An application...

  11. Functional flashlight app for Android

    Brightest Flashlight Free is a free Android flashlight app.Although your Android phone already comes with a flashlight feature, you might be looking for...

  12. Transform any android phone into a powerful light source in an instant

    If you've ever been stuck searching for your keys in pitch darkness at the end of a drunken night out, Power Light from Miva Mobile could be the answer to...

  13. Flashlight

    • 3.8
    • (6 votes)

    A flashlight with different settings

    Flashlight Mini is a simple flashlight tool app.Offering a camera lens style interface, you can swipe the screen to change the pulse of the light that comes...

  14. Flashing lights for your Android phone

    If you're looking for a fun, feature-filled flashlight app for Android, give Tiny Flashlight + LED a try.

  15. A 2D Survival Game With A Small Girl And A Flashlight

    You are a young female character in a dark town that is filled with sprits that wish to harm you. Yomawari: Night Alone is somewhat of a story-driven game...

  16. A free utility to turn on your Smartphones LED torch

    Flashlight LED Torch is an app that offers you an alternative way to turn on the LED torch on your Smartphone.

  17. Run around with just a flashlight to see

    Eyes: the horror game is a first person game where you have to run away from danger in order to survive. You have to navigate your way around a series of...

  18. Use your phone's backlight as a torch

    Phones make very handy makeshift torches in emergency situations, as you can just flick them on and they emit light.The problem however, is that the light on...

  19. A free Utilities app for iOS

    Best Flash Light! - Torch Flashlight• is a free app for iOS that belongs to the category Utilities, and has been developed by RV AppStudios LLC.

  20. A free utilities & tools app for Android, by TeslaCoil Software

    TeslaLED Flashlight is a free program only available for Android, being part of the category 'Utilities & Tools' , and created by TeslaCoil Software.This app...