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  1. Open-Source Platform to Synchronize and Share Files

    Seafile is a software system which is used to share files between multiple stakeholders. This package is ideal for enterprise-level organisations, as sharing...

  2. Graabr

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    Grab your screen and share it instantly

    Have you ever needed a tool to share your screen online? Either for technical reasons – capturing an error message for Customer Support – or simply to show...

  3. Zoogmo
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    Share backup copies online with your friends

    Zoogmo is a backup utility tool that uses your friends' computers in order to offer you a free online service to make backup copies of your most important...

  4. SparkleShare makes file sharing easier than ever

    Sharing files is often an arduous task without an existing infrastructure. SparkleShare is a solution for this which you can set up quickly yourself and...

  5. Easy remote support for friends and customers

    When you're trying to help someone with a computer problem, whether it's your father, a friend or a customer, having a clear description of the situation is...

  6. Info when you want it, right on your desktop

    This program can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at Copernic Desktop Search instead.The Google Desktop application allows users to search their desktop...

  7. Share large files securely and with ease

  8. Share Windows, Mac and Linux securely

    Incremental data backup with scheduling Greater robustness in transferring large groups of files Better diagnostics for setting up Internet file...

  9. Create a digital photo album and share it online

    Web Album Creator is an easy and quick way to create a photo album and share it online with friends and family.Web Album Creator's interface might be a...