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  1. Full featured task manager

    System Explorer is a complete tool that could be described as the standard Windows Task Manager on steroids.This full-featured system analyzing tool lets you...

  2. Lunatask

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    All-in-one task manager for PC

    Lunatask is a productivity software that was made by Lunatask for PC devices. It is an all-in-one task management suite...

  3. A very complete task manager

    While Windows features its own task manager, there's always the possibility to use better tools with extended functionality like Webkeysoft Process...

  4. User-Friendly Daily Task Manager for your browser

    TickTick is a useful application for those who want to keep track of their daily schedules. Some basic features include push alerts, the ability to...

  5. Killer

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    An open-source task manager for PC

    Killer is a free and open-source utility tool that was developed by ntaraujo for PC devices. It is a task manager that...

  6. Analyze your system performance more effectively

    If Windows Task Manager doesn't offer you enough of a break-down of your system processes for you, this Free Extended Task Manager might be what you're...

  7. More control over Windows

    The last time we reviewed AnVir Task Manager, the verdict was clear - complicated. Will they have made any improvements in version 6?Well, at first glance...

  8. A powerful task manager in your pocket

    System Explorer Portable is a complete tool that could be described as the standard Windows Task Manager on steroids.This full-featured system analyzing tool...

  9. A free app for Windows, by Camerb

    Filtration: A Task Manager is a free program for Windows, that belongs to the category 'Development & IT'.

  10. A complete, portable personal information manager

    For those who like to have everything planned, here's a handy portable agenda you'll be able to take anywhere with you.myPortablePIM is a surprisingly...

  11. Free classic task manager

    Classic Msconfig is a free task manager for Windows 8 and 10 that restores the functionality of the Windows 7 task manager. You can adjust operating system...

  12. A simpler and more powerful task manager

    SterJo Task Manager is a free replacement task manager for your Windows PC.While the default Windows task manager is enough for most consumers, those looking...

  13. Alternative task manager with monitoring tools

    If the Windows Task Manager is a little too basic for you, you should try a more advanced tool like MKN TaskExplorer. With MKN TaskExplorer you get a full...

  14. uTodo

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    Easy to use task manager with support for GTD

    Being on top of all your pending tasks can be difficult. Using a program like uTodo can help you handle your workload in a more effective way. uTodo is a...

  15. Checklist

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    Plan projects, remember responsibilities, and record accomplishments

  16. Organize your tasks with a very detailed list manager

    In my opinion, there's never too much organizational software to help scattered brains keep their life in order in today's busy world.Task Coach Portable is...

  17. Task Coach

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    Your friendly task manager

    Task Coach will take care of all your pending tasks, as well as important dates and meetings, so that you never forget any of them again and you can also...

  18. GTD task manager

    Are you familiar with GTD (Getting Things Done)? It's a task management system that is supposed to help you be more productive and handle tasks and projects,...

  19. ProcX

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    Excellent task manager to check system active processes

    The Windows Task Manager is quite a limited tool when it comes to check what's going on in your computer. Besides a long active process list, there's really...

  20. Instantly hide your online activity

    Don't you just hate it when your boss comes over at work while you're illicitly browsing the Internet or instant messaging? It's very difficult not to look...