Best chroma key apps for android

1.Bigvu Video Maker

With in-app purchases

Bigvu Video Maker is a video-making application for mobile devices. It is specifically designed for users who need teleprompters while making videos. It automatically creates subtitles, and can be used for putting lower 3rd headlines and more.

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  • David Mergui null

    by David Mergui null

    A TV studio in your pocket - Excellent application for green background replacement, teleprompter, your logo, titling overlay


with in-app purchases

KineMaster is a professional video editor for your devices. You can apply color LUT filters, add effects, and transitions. The video editing app for Android and iOS supports several layers of video, images, and text. 

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  • Age rating:Everyone

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  • Publisher:NexStreaming Corp.

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  • Catherine Austin

    by Catherine Austin

    KineMaster is a video manipulation program that lets you create just about whatever you want with your videos. You can draw in it and add videos. What More

  • Rajesh Patel null

    by Rajesh Patel null

    KineMaster is a video manipulation program that lets you create just about whatever you want with


with in-app purchases

Chromavid is a useful app developed by Apps For Mobs to change the background on your photos or videos from your mobile phone. The app also allows you to record live videos.

  • Website:
  • Age rating:4+

  • Category:Photo & Video,Entertainment

  • Publisher:Apps For Mobs

  • Size:28.65 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Stephanie Ward

    by Stephanie Ward

    I think this is the best chroma key app on the play store because it promises it's purpose may it be images or videos (even though it only works with short clips) although I only use chroma key editing for images on mobile because I understand that c More

4.Green Screen Live Recording

with in-app purchases

Green Screen Live Recording is an app which allows you to record videos and change the background behind you. You can record in any position, choose from different backgrounds, add special effects and easily save and share your creations.

  • Jean-Jacques Pelletier null

    by Jean-Jacques Pelletier null

    First, it's free to use, so go ahead download it and judge for yourself. Second, it's ready to use, chromakeying works right away and the app provides thousands of backgrounds to choose from

5.Green Screen Pro

Free download

Green Screen Pro is an app helps you change the background on your photos. The app uses the chroma key effect to replace a color with a photo. You can use a built background from the app. 

  • by Nicole Watson

    Considering you have to pay for this app, the quality of the pictures it takes could be better. When taking pictures with the app they come out too bl More

  • Mark Matthews

    by Mark Matthews

    This is great if you want people to think you went on vacation last weekend when you were really just sitting on your couch watching Netflix. Replace  More

6.Chroma Key Touchup

Free download

Chroma Key Touchup is a photo editor app for Android devices. With this app, you can change the background of your photos. You can make stunning photos on moon or Mars.

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  • Publisher:Thorus Productions

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  • Catherine He

    by Catherine He

    Chroma Key Touchup is a decent app for backgrounds and green screen. I think it would have been more appreciated as a free app. I can't really find ba More

  • Tj Rains null

    by Tj Rains null

    It lets you work on your photo all the way up until the end, then when you try to export it, the app crashes. Then you waste at least 2 hours doing th More

  • Eric Munoz

    by Eric Munoz

    Good little photo editor. I use it for my instagram photos and its easy to use. Needs more options, though.

  • Deborah Torres

    by Deborah Torres

    This works, I guess, but it takes a really long time to get to where I want. Once I get through all the options, the final product looks great - but I More

7.Chroma Key

Paid: $0.99

Chroma Key is an editing app developed by Alex's Apps for Android devices. With the Chroma Key app, users can create special effects and overlays on mobile.

  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Photography

  • Publisher:Alex's Apps

  • Size:1.15 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • David Hayes

    by David Hayes

    Chroma key app is exactly what I needed to edit our short post-production film for class in such a short notice. For a phone app, it really did not disappoint and our teacher commended our work it was such an amzing feeling !!!


Chroma key compositing (also known as chroma keying) is a technique used in the post-production process of filmmaking that involves combining two frames or images by replacing the color background of the main subject.


Did you know that green is the common color used in chroma keying because it has a very distinct shade from our skin? Moreover, it is the color that is likely worn by actors. But why does this even matter? Because in the parlance of film and cinematography, the aim of chroma keying is to separate the main subject from the green background (also known as the green screen) and of course, it would be easier for the video editor to isolate the green part if it stands out. However, in Hollywood, they are more into blue screens than green. An article published on No Film School suggest 5 secrets to pulling off a Hollywood-level chroma key. First and the most important one on the list is choosing the right chroma color. Although green is widely used, it is always necessary to consider factors in choosing the appropriate chroma to use. For instance, if the main subject consists of something green, a blue chroma would work better, and vice-versa. In photography, green screen is also utilized as it is more cost-efficient and allows the photographer to contain the subject into a controlled environment that he prefers.