Best fishing games on steam

1.Crazy Fishing

Paid: $19.99
This game is an arcade styled virtual reality fishing game. Set in a beautiful world that pairs fishing and VR interactions.
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  • by Alan Bates

    I have a really fun fishing game that's available on Steam. Check out Crazy Fishing. It's made like a virtual reality game. It makes it so much more f More

  • Paul Graham

    by Paul Graham

    Crazy is the perfect word to describe this game. it's nuts and awesome at the same time, not to mention the really funny minigames that you can do in  More

  • Sarah Long

    by Sarah Long

    I like the graphics on the crazy fishing game in that they look 3-d and like you are really playing. I also think the game looks fun in that you are n More

  • by Grace Ross

    Crazy Fishing is a fun game that I play which combines fishing experience that can be challenging in itself with VR interactions. I love to explore an More

2.Euro Fishing

Paid: $19.99

Euro Fishing is a sports fishing simulation video game developed and published by Dovetail Games. Players will take the role of a fisherman and will live a whole fishing experience, from finding the ideal location to preparing the equipment.

  • Jessica Gardner

    by Jessica Gardner

    I kinda agree with the part that one guy said about the devs not caring about the players, but I disagree when he said that it's full of bugs because  More

  • Brian Morris

    by Brian Morris

    I love simulator games and I love fishing. Had a blast with this. Very realistic!

  • Richard Fox

    by Richard Fox

    Euro fishing is probably one of the worse fishing games on steam today. The development team do not interact with the community. The basically lie abo More

3.Fishing Planet

Free download
Fishing Planet is a unique and highly realistic online first-person multiplayer fishing simulator developed by avid fishing enthusiasts for anglers to bring you the full thrill of actual angling. 
  • Samuel Harper

    by Samuel Harper

    Fishing Planet is a relaxing, immersive experience that is ultimately unhinged by microtransactions. Avoid this game unless you want to keep dumping m More

  • Benito Cortez

    by Benito Cortez

    Has a really good potential of being the best fishing sim on Steam, but it got pulled down due to the ridiculous amounts of IG-transactions that are E More

  • Christina Han

    by Christina Han

    Fishing Planet is a super fun game. It combines video games and fishing, what more could you want?

  • by Charvi Jaiteley

    The game itself in Fishing Planet is awesome! But don't be fooled - this is not a free to play game. They micro-charge for EVERYTHING. If you love the More

  • Anderson Lucio

    by Anderson Lucio

    Ótimo jogo e não há necessidade de gastar nada, depende apenas de vc aprender ou não a jogar. Vários jogadores criticam e não aprenderam o básico d


  • Richard Fox

    by Richard Fox

    Terrible portrayal of realistic fishing. It is not a simulation other than it simulates water and trees. As for the content of the game. This of all t More

4.Stardew Valley

Paid: $14.99

Stardew Valley is a role-playing simulation video game developed by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish. It is available for computers with Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

  • Bobby Tucker

    by Bobby Tucker

    Cool game and all and it has the fishing feature to it, but it's not what I'm really looking for. I think the people who come here are looking for fis More

  • Dorothy Lynch

    by Dorothy Lynch

    This is not very helpful for fiinding fishing games. This is a farming game. Looksinteresting but did not help me with information about fishing games

  • by Echo Shen

    if there's anything i hate worse than mobile games, it's games that could work just as well on mobile but are for windows. reeeeeeeeeeeee! i sure i wa More

  • Dennis Ramirez

    by Dennis Ramirez

    This is the pinnacle of indie gaming. A very charming and brilliant little game.

5.SEGA Bass Fishing

Paid: $7.99
SEGA Bass Fishing is an arcade fishing game where players attempt to hook and reel in fish with different lures. Consisting of four stages at different times of the day, the game requires the player to catch a certain weight of fish within a time limit in order to move onto the next stage.
  • Madison Ford

    by Madison Ford

    Leave it to SEGA to turn a boring and mundane pastime into an awesome experience. Like, really? Fishing? It might seem a boring hobby for some, but SE More

  • by Kenneth Armstrong

    This is a classic fishing game that will bring you back to your childhood. I loved playing this on the original console, and it is great to have acces More

  • Ronald Matthews

    by Ronald Matthews

    I used to play this game years ago and was thrilled when it came to Steam. Great nostalgia and holds up really well.

6.The Fishing Club 3D

Free download
This is a highly addictive fishing game.Catch giant fish all over the world and compete against other players in epic competitions for great prizes.
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  •  Luz María Zárate

    by Luz María Zárate

    The Fishing Club 3D is not your average slow paced fishing game. The graphics and the action keep your interest. I really like that you can compete wi More

  • Kathy Berry

    by Kathy Berry

    Seems boring at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's a rad game that can get players hooked to it in a matter of hours.

  • by Aanya Mukopadhyay

    Need a new game? This highly addictive fishing game has everything you need!

  • Han Lin

    by Han Lin

    I love playing The Fishing Club 3D. I found it to be very relaxing.


The practice of fishing can be traced way back to the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic period for about 40,000 years ago. In Africa, by 200,000 BC Neanderthals were already fishing. It is their primary source of food for trade, selling, or for their families. The development of basketry and knitting was also influenced by fishing because back in the days, they use it as fish traps and fishing nets to catch large quantities of fish. Now, fishing is also done for recreational purposes. During the post-English Civil War, recreational fishing took a great leap forward.

This new interest for fishing left a mark on books and treatises written at that time. In 1655, Charles Kirby improved the design of fishing hooks and that is the same design that we use for fishing today. He also invented another design called the Kirby Bend with a distinctive hook with offset point which is also still commonly used today. In the 18th century, running rings began to appear with the fishing rods that gave the anglers greater control with the cast line. Now, fishing as a recreational activity is strongly established and called sports fishing, mostly as a form of competition or for pleasure.