10 apps that would have been really useful for the characters in Game of Thrones

10 apps that would have been really useful for the characters in Game of Thrones

Dragons, wars, suspense and a lot of death – pretty much sums up Game of Thrones. As George R. R, Martin once said: “This is the West, not Disneyland,” and boy isn’t that evident. Episode after episode, we see our beloved (and hated) characters immersed in a whirlwind of problems; all of which could have been easily solved with the use of a smartphone and the right app. Don’t believe us? Here are 10 apps which undoubtedly would have made life just a little bit easier for the characters of this tremendous saga!

1. Family Tree Builder (Windows)

Game of Thrones is an authentic parade of parentless children who’ve lead a tough life, some of whom have no clue that their father is a nobleman or a king in turn. Family Tree Builder would have solved this problem instantly. Think of all that time Stannis could have saved finding Robert Baratheon’s other son!

2. Instagram (Android | iOS)

With those cute little dragons, Daenerys would have loved uploading photos and videos of her babies like a crazy instagrammer, capturing every one of their special moments like their #firstflight, #firstflames, etc. She could eventually get more followers than Kim and Kylie put together!

3. Epicurious (Android | iOS)

Another app that Daenerys would have found useful is Epicurious, especially remembering that time she had to eat that raw horse’s heart. With more than 30,000 recipes, this app could have surely found a more suitable and palatable meal in no time at all!

4. Todoist (Mac)

Arya Stark has an endless death list of traitors and scoundrels, on whom she wants revenge. She certainly spends a lot of the series repeating the names over and over in order not to forget anyone. With Todoist, she would be able to efficiently manage the same list, without forgetting how many murders were still outstanding. Simple.

5. Linterna (Android)

It’s no secret that arsonist Melisandre is not too fond of the dark – so she could get a great deal of use of a flashlight app. Imagine how many of those candles would have been spared to keep her room lit!

6. Slap Up (iOS)

Although Tyrion has made some epic slaps (some worthy of movies) in his time, he’s still probably itching to land a few more on Joffrey. This is where Slap Up could come in handy, an app which has the ability to slap until the cows come home (or you run out of battery).

7. Google Translate (Android | iOS)

Hodor is undoudtedly the most misunderstood character in Game of Thrones. The poor guy has spent series after series sharing intelligent notes of the situation, providing brilliant solutions to all the problems raised and making sharp, witty comments in the perfect moment. The sad thing is that no one understands him. Google Translate certainly wouldn’t have gone amiss.

8. TrackR

Who hasn’t been frustrated at times when they’ve gone to look for their dragons to find they’re not at home? Daenerys certainly knows what we’re talking about. TrackR is a great app that allows you to find your belongings with the help on a small locating device.

9. Duolingo (Android)

At this point in the article, no one’s going to be surprised to find that it’s Daenerys that needs to download the most amount of apps. The Duolingo app is one of the most useful (and free) language learning apps. Perhaps she could have spent some time to learn dragon language before getting burned all those times!

10. Promise Me Now (iOS)

All characters throughout the series spend a lot of time compulsively promising things, the majority of which aren’t the nicest promises to hear. But with so many promises flying round, how are they supposed to remember them all? Promise Me Now keeps your promises in a social network. Obviously using this platform, things could have been a little less difficult.

What other apps do you think would have been useful in Game of Thrones?

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