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10 Fantastic Uses for PhotoScape

When it comes to free image editors, none can compare to PhotoScape. It’s packed with features and functionality, and every version released manages to surpass the one before. The interface is highly intuitive, and it allows for a diverse range of creativity, including creating your own animated GIFs, modifying images as a collection, and assembling mosaics.

The PhotoScape Image Editor

These tools are the foundation of PhotoScape. The current collection of photo editing tools available in PhotoScape include color levels, re-sizing, adding frames, light correction, superimposing images, and more.

Photoscape Image Editor
The Photoscape Image Editor is the heart and soul of the application. Use it to perform most basic and advanced image editing tasks.

Editing Collections of Images in PhotoScape

You can apply all of the editing tools in PhotoScape to a group of photos instead of just a single photo. You can find this feature under the Batch Editor tab at the top of the screen.

PhotoScape Features Its Own Print Wizard

PhotoScape provides the user with a complete wizard so that you can customize the printing process in regards to any particular formatting you would like to use, including image sizing, page scaling, and more.

Photoscape - Print Function

Create Ruled Paper for Printing Effects

To create special effects, the PhotoScape print wizard gives you a feature for making ruled paper to write on or print over. This includes ruled paper, sheet music, and blank calendar spaces.

PhotoScape Can Create Collages

Using the Page Mosaic Creator, you can make your own collages using a series of image templates. When you are done, you can apply filters and frames to make the collages look exactly like what you want.

PhotoScape Lets You Create Murals

Using the same features that allow you to create collages and mosaics, you can make murals. There are a number of options to allow you to compose the exact mural you want, creating an image over a grid that is made from other, smaller images.

Splitting Images With PhotoScape

PhotoScape also features an image splitter that allows you to slice any image into equal sections. All you have to do is tell it how many rows and columns you would like to segment the image into and PhotoScape does the rest for you.

Photoscape - Image Splitter

Animating GIFs in PhotoScape

You can use PhotoScape to animate GIFs by choosing the frames that you want to make up the animated sequence and then assigning a different time interval to all of the frames. You then scale the final image and establish a loop if you would like the animation to play over and over.

PhotoScape Compresses RAW Images

PhotoScape also features a RAW image creator. Digital cameras save images in RAW or digital negative format. PhotoScape allows you to compress RAW images, which not all photo editors can do.

Color Selection in PhotoScape

PhotoScape also features a color picker, which lets you extract RGB color codes from any desktop preview window by using the zoom feature and then using any of the other tools that support a standard code insertion.

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