3 free iPhone apps for your Fantasy Football league

It’s that time of year again, when diehard football fans are placing their bets and creating Fantasy Football drafts with friends and family. With work, the start of the school year and other things on your plate, you might find it difficult to keep track of your Fantasy Football league.Fortunately, there are lots of great apps out there that’ll help you manage your Fantasy Football league, as well as keep up with all of the latest updates and breaking news that might affect your team. Best of all, our top three picks for iPhone are free!
Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11: If you’re the type who wants real-time updates on your team even during games, check this app out. Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11 has a live scoring feature and you can also manage your own team’s roster directly via the app, which is really convenient. This makes it easy – and fast –  to replace a player who’s injured. Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11 also has a handy calendar of upcoming games so you can always keep track of when your team’s next scheduled to play a game.

ESPN Fantasy Football 2011: What if you have multiple teams? Look no further than the official app from ESPN, which offers comprehensive management for multiple teams and leagues in addition to other perks like real-time scoring updates. ESPN Fantasy Football 2011 is also jam-packed with other great features like news, videos and ESPN Fantasy Football analyst tweets, making it essential for anyone who wants to totally immerse themselves in this year’s Fantasy Football competition.

Draft Analyzer – Cheat Sheet for Fantasy Football 2011: If you’re looking for an app that is simply filled with player stats, Draft Analyzer’s a good pick. Meant to be run with the paid program Draft Analyzer Web, the app’s features are limited in certain areas, but definitely not when it comes to tracking stats. This handy app offers information on hundreds of players throughout the pre-season, as well as ADP values, bye-weeks and projected fantasy points for every player in 2011.

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