4 Alternatives to Hotspot Shield

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It can be really frustrating when you want to watch a video on YouTube, only to receive a notice saying that viewing is region-restricted for your country. The same goes for accessing other websites available only to certain countries.

Luckily, there are tools like Hotspot Shield which create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and allows access to geo-restricted websites.

4 Alternatives to Hotspot Shield

If you’re interested in viewing content from countries other than the US, or are just looking for a comparable alternative to Hotspot Shield, there are a ton of great tools that’ll let you view the content you want, no matter where you are.

Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN is a nice alternative that lets you access region-restricted online services, as well as browse anonymously online. There is a free VPN package available for download on the developer’s website that includes up to 1 GB of traffic per month, as well as access to free servers. There are also other monthly paid plans if you want less wait time and more server availability.


UltraSurf is well-known as a tool to browse the web anonymously, but it can also help you view sites that are otherwise restricted based on your location. Simple to install and use, UltraSurf  is a tool for Internet Explorer that works automatically on startup. You can also use it on Firefox, thanks to the handy UltraSurf Firefox Tool.


Much like Hotspot Shield, TunnelBear enables users to view region-restricted web content securely. By creating an encrypted connection between your computer and a server in the country you want to connect to, TunnelBear essentially lets you experience online content as if you were viewing it from another country. TunnelBear is available in three pricing plans, one of which is free and gives you up to 500MB of free data per month via the developer’s website.

ExPat Shield

ExPat Shield is essentially Hotspot Shield for users who want access to UK-specific content from outside of the United Kingdom. It does this by connecting your IP address to a UK IP. Installation of ExPat Shield can be a bit arduous, but the surfing speed is pretty impressive. In addition to offering simple VPN connectivity, ExPat Shield also has an anonymous browsing option.

If you’re looking for a few more options for streaming video content, there are even more browesr add-ons and tools you can use.

Niamh Lynch

Niamh Lynch

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