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4 extremely useful Google apps you probably don’t know about

There are a lot of Google apps out there — probably more than you can keep track of. Are you curious about some of the most useful Google apps you may have missed? Check out the apps below to find your next favorite.

4 extremely useful Google apps you probably don’t know about

1. Google Keep

This is a great app for keeping track of anything you don’t want to forget. You can use it to write notes, record lists, or store photos and audio. Organize and color-code your keepsakes, too, so they’ll be easier to categorize and find. This app is with you wherever you go, so it’s always accessible when you need it most.

Google Keep also includes location-based and time-based reminders for your notes or lists. This can help with on-time task completion or reminding you to pick up everything you need from the store. You might ordinarily text a friend or family member to ask them to pick something up for you. However, now you can use Google Keep to share grocery lists or errand lists and watch in real-time as the items are checked off by the person you shared the list with.

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2. Google Express

Rather than searching a bunch of different websites for the product you’re looking for, use Google Express. This website and app allows you to shop at all of your favorite stores — like Target, Ulta, and Costco — in one place. Google Express also works with Google Assistant and voice search.

You’ll still need to reach a specific site’s minimum delivery requirements to receive free delivery on your purchases overall. You’ll typically have 30 days to return any items you don’t want, but check a site’s specific policy or contact Google’s customer support for a definite answer. There are no membership fees for Google Express, and most items you buy will arrive within one to three days.

3. PhotoScan by Google Photos

With PhotoScan, you can use your phone’s camera to scan and save printed photos to your device. The app will scan your photos in seconds, without worrying about glare. You can crop, rotate, or enhance the photos that you take — no need for a second photo-editing app. When you’re done, your photos will be saved to Google Photos for easy access no matter where you are.

Google Photos also offers advanced editing options and tools, in addition to the ability to quickly share your old photos with others. Now you can finally upload that hard-to-capture childhood photo to Facebook!

PhotoScan - scanner by Google Photos download free ►

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4. Google Arts & Culture

This free app lets you explore more than 1,200 of the world’s greatest museums, galleries, and institutions. Browse top exhibits, photos, videos, manuscripts, and more. It’s easy to keep track of all your favorite discoveries for inspiration, too. And thanks to the VR option, you can explore faraway museums and galleries as if you’re really there.

Google Arts & Culture Download Now ►

This is a great option if you want to take advantage of the experience despite not having any money to travel. Google Arts & Culture also features advanced search options (such as finding a painting that’s from a specific time period), location-based services, translation services, and daily information bites, among others.

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