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5 amazing Snaplenses for gamers

Snaplenses add unlimited meme potential to your snaps. Sure, filming your friends doing embarrassing things is fun, but a well-placed snaplens will take your snap to the next level. Here’s a list of the most exploitable and hilarious gaming snaps we could find:

NOTE: To add these lenses, simply open the links in the article on your phone.

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1. Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the greatest games ever made. A staple in college dorm rooms for over a decade, it’s been a source of endless trash talk with no signs of slowing down. Now you can pile on the trash talk by putting Melee snaplenses over your friends. Utilizing the announcer’s booming voice, you can superimpose “SUCCESS”, “GAME”, “TIME” or the infamous “FAILURE” over your friends. Please enjoy the above picture of my little brother with “FAILURE” over him, which I took immediately after 3-stocking him in Smash.

Download the snaplenses: “FAILURE” “GAME” “SUCCESS” “TIME”

2. Call of Duty Nazi Zombies: REVIVE

Nazi Zombies is arguably the most popular couch co-op game of our generation. Millions of players all over the world have mowed down countless undead foes since the release of Call of Duty: World at War back in 2008. Spice up your snaps with the iconic “REVIVE” icon. Friend fell asleep in class? Awkwardly passed out on the couch after a long night out? Hit ’em with the REVIVE.

Download: “REVIVE”

3. Cuphead and Mugman

Cuphead is the most maddeningly difficult game we have ever played, with a difficulty curve so steep it makes Dark Souls look like Kirby. It’s hard to stay too mad at the game, however, with its gorgeous animation, creative character design, and dizzying ragtime soundtrack. Get some catharsis from the relentless boss fights and add some old-school flair to your snaps with the official Cuphead and Mugman snaplens.

Download: “Cuphead and Mugman”

Cuphead download now

4. Overwatch Play of the Game

Getting a Play of the Game is one of the most satisfying things in Overwatch. You know that you’re an amazing player, and having everyone bask in your glory as you pick up a multikill just feels right. Now you can let your friends know how great you are in real life too with the Play of the Game snaplens. Featuring the announcer and an “ENEMY ELIMINATED” popup, this is one of the most hilarious and detailed snaplenses we’ve seen.

Download: “Play of the Game”

5. Grand Theft Auto V

Last but certainly not least, the infamous “WASTED” from the Grand Theft Auto series arrives on Snapchat with endless applications. The truly infinite amount of situations where you can embarrass your friends make this one of the greatest snaplenses ever.

Download: “WASTED”


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