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5 great apps for sports fans


Today’s society is incredibly fast-paced. That means it’s not uncommon for the big game to happen at the same time as a family function, overtime at work, or an outing with friends. So does that mean you should avoid all screens until you have a chance to sit down and watch that highly anticipated game? No way!

After all, you can get all of the info you need right at your fingertips. Thanks to those little mobile friends that live in our pockets, you never have to take a break from your favorite sports. Here are five of the top sports mobile apps.

5 great apps for sports fans

ESPN SportsCenter Download Free ►

ESPN is the powerhouse of sports apps. You can customize the app to feature all the leagues and franchises you love. Stay up to date on breaking sports news, get the latest scores, and read professional analysis. While the app itself is free, you can also stream live games for only $5 a month.

the Score Download Free ►

This user-friendly app provides live score updates and allows you to view upcoming schedules of games. Within the app, you can follow specific players or entire teams. It's also a piece of cake to share your favorite sports info with your friends right from the app.

CBS Sports download free ►

CBS offers all the same features as the ESPN app. Along with stats, updates, news, and more, you also receive access to video streaming — plus you can listen in on live broadcasts.

Thuuz Sports download free ►

On Thuuz Sports, you can track your own fantasy sports, customize the sports news you want to see, and get personalized notifications about games. The app also features a fun excitement feature that allows you to rate how excited you are on a scale of 0 to 100.

Yahoo Sports Download Free ►

The app formerly known as Sportacular is now Yahoo Sports. This handy program features stats and live score updates. Best of all, you can customize the notifications you receive from the app. You can set it to alert you when games start, when specific plays happen, and more. Some NFL games are also available for streaming.

Whatever sport you love, you’re sure to find an app that keeps you in the loop while you go about your day. Try one of these today!

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