5 popular companies that already accept Bitcoin

5 popular companies that already accept Bitcoin
Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is rapidly rising in popularity. Investing in Bitcoin could make you rich. Or it could be the dumbest mistake you’ve ever made. Because the value of Bitcoins frequently fluctuates similarly to the stock market, it can be a gamble both for investors and for businesses.

Most businesses don’t accept Bitcoin (yet), but several will. But before you start throwing around your cryptocurrency, it’s important to note that many of these companies (and others) drop Bitcoin support now and then.

5 popular companies that already accept Bitcoin


1. Microsoft

Since 2014, Microsoft has allowed its customers to purchase from both its Microsoft stores and its Xbox stores with Bitcoin. So next time you want to purchase a game, you don’t have to charge it to your credit card. Also, Microsoft is adjusting Microsoft Excel to include Bitcoin in its currency calculations.


2. Dish Network

Those who subscribe to Dish Network can purchase its services with Bitcoin through partner BitPay. Accepting the cryptocurrency is a way to allow customers to pay in whatever way is easiest for them.

3. Overstock

Overstock has been accepting Bitcoin payments for several years now, and in 2017, they reported that they were making as much as $5 million per year in Bitcoin payments. They expect this figure to only grow thanks to recent investments in cryptocurrency technology.

4. Subway

It all started with a store in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The shop owner still had to convert Bitcoin to cash to pay the store’s bills, but it became a way to show acceptance for the cryptocurrency. So if you’ve got some Bitcoin to spare, you may be able to buy a sandwich for a fraction of a Bitcoin. Just be sure to check with your local Subway. Note: Very few Subways accept Bitcoin.

5. has partnered with various payment processors over the years, and in addition to Bitcoin, it accepts the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash (this is a different cryptocurrency than Bitcoin – confusing, we know), Litecoin, and Dash. However, it’s important to note that all cryptocurrency payments are final — so this isn’t a great option if you’re prone to cancelling reservations.

Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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