5 rip-roaring DVD rippers

5 rip-roaring DVD rippers

DVDRipping a DVD is becoming an increasingly tricky affair with encryption methods always improving. Of course, unless it’s for your own use or you own the copyright, you shouldn’t be ripping DVDs at all but sometimes, there’s no other way to obtain that particular sound-bite or clip you want from a film. The problem nowadays is that most rippers simply can’t handle the encryption of commercial DVDs but here are 5 that continue in popularity, precisely because they’re continually updated to deal with this problem.

SmartRipper – Not the most glamorous but certainly the most powerful

Quick Video Converter – Designed for cutting and splicing but includes a very powerful ripper

Freez DVD Ripper – Can be hit and miss but rips very well to iPod format

Magic DVD Ripper – Very fast and helps re-synch dodgy audio tracks

Ahead DVD Ripper – Also provides very precise cutting and merging tools

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