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6 default iPhone apps you shouldn’t delete

Don’t be so fast to delete your default apps! Many default iPhone apps tend to go unused, and this causes a lot of them to be deleted fairly early on. However, some of these Apple apps are actually worth keeping, and are incredibly useful compared to similar apps. Here are some of the default apps that are worth using and why. Of course, this isn’t including the apps that can’t be deleted, such as Messages, Photos, Camera, Clock, Wallet, Health, Settings, Find My iPhone, and App Store. Each of these apps, besides Health, has an innate use for your phone, and wouldn’t make sense to be deletable.

6 default iPhone apps you shouldn’t delete


Apple’s iBooks app is actually one of the best e-readers out there. It has extensive capabilities while being completely free. It is simple and easy to use compared to similar apps, while retaining a large library of choices. It even has audiobook capabilities that other e-readers are less likely to have.

iBooks Free Download


Of course, there are some amazing calculator apps in the app store, but the one that comes pre-built with your Apple products is actually as capable as you would need in your everyday life.

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If you’ve ever tried editing a video before then you’ve probably heard of iMovie. Despite being a free default app available on all Apple products, iMovie is one of the most popular and useful video editors out there. Whether you’re just trying to crop a short clip from a video of your kids, or you’re trying to produce high-quality advertisements, iMovie can edit more than you would expect.

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Similar to iMovie, GarageBand is a popular music creation app that is competitively useful. Apple has produced high-quality apps for both these types of media, and the applications have continued to progress as the company has. GarageBand lets you create, edit, and remix music with ease. While not everyone will find this a necessary app, those who like to experiment with music will all appreciate this free and useful default application.

GarageBand Free Download


Probably the most overlooked iPhone app, Apple News is great for people of all interests and political backgrounds. It lets you follow various news outlets in topics that you care about, so that you can stay up to date with all the news you want to hear. If you’re interested in video games, you can follow their news outlets like Game Informer. Alternatively, if you are into politics, you can follow whatever news site you prefer to listen to, whether it be CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.


Unlike the other apps on this list, Tips isn’t a particularly useful app. However, there are no other apps that function the same way, so it’s important to keep in mind if you enjoy its purpose. The Tips app exists to give you more insight into Apple products and app development. It can be an interesting app to check occasionally, especially if a new iOS has just been announced and you’re curious as to what the changes will be.

While there are other useful default iPhone apps, such as Keynote and Pages, these apps tend to have replacements in the app store that are also free and superior in most ways. The only exception being the Apple TV, Home, and Watch apps, which are useful, but require additional accessories to be functional.

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