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6 must-have apps to take on vacation

Vacation time is precious. Every minute spent stuck waiting for a cab is one less minute on the beach. Thankfully there are many apps that can save time by helping you navigate and find the hotels and restaurants that will make your vacation a 4-star affair. Here are the best apps for you to use while you’re traveling.

6 must-have apps to download before you travel

Waze is one of the greatest travel apps out there, as it uses other Waze users’ locations and information to determine nearby traffic alerts and even lurking police officers. The GPS accuracy is constantly updated, making it one of the most accurate apps out there.
Google Maps Free Download ►
Similar to Waze, Google Maps is one of the most accurate GPS apps out there. While Waze has a large number of features, Google Maps forgoes this in order to create a simple and accurate system. If you want a simple and easy to follow GPS app, then Google Maps can be a good alternative to Waze.
Citymapper Free Download
If you plan on using public transportation during your travels then Citymapper is the perfect app to have on hand. It maps out transit routes throughout various cities in order to make it easy for you to navigate subways and other metro-transit routes.
HotelTonight Free Download ►
Sometimes, plans go south. Maybe you have a long layover. Maybe your hotel overbooked. Maybe you need a place to crash mid-road trip. HotelTonight hooks you up with a great place to stay for the night when you need it in a hurry.
Yelp is a popular review app that’s perfect for anyone who’s traveling to a new place and looking for somewhere nice to eat. It is incredibly detailed with thousands of reviews for restaurants all over the world.
A little different than the other apps on this list, but still probably the best of its kind thanks to its near worldwide accessibility, Uber is a great app for when you’re in a pinch. If you find yourself in any situation that requires you to take a cab, then Uber can be a good alternative to trying to call a cab company.

Most of these apps are particularly useful for when you’re going on some kind of vacation or doing some personal travel. However, if you’re going on a business trip, out Softonic Solutions community has a few more apps for you to check out. Be sure to share your favorites!

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