A glitch in Gmail has caused delays of several hours in the delivery of emails

More than 4 hours of incidence on Gmail servers until the issue was resolved.

A glitch in Gmail has caused delays of several hours in the delivery of emails
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Gmail, Google’s email management tool, experienced an unusual glitch that resulted in emails being delayed for a few hours without reaching their intended recipients. However, after resolving the issues related to this incident, all sent messages were able to reach their destination without further complications.

Given the volume of business that Gmail handles, just a few hours are enough for a significant number of emails to be stuck. Fortunately, for both Google and those who work with Gmail, the issue could be resolved on the same day.


More than four hours of delays

As reported in the United States, some incidents on Google’s servers prevented Gmail from functioning properly. This caused Gmail services to be semi-collapsed during the hours when the incident was active, hindering the natural sending of emails. They took longer than usual to arrive, and this issue affected many tasks and work due to the delay.

Fortunately for Google and for those whose work depends on its service, this service was restored on the same day, about four hours after the server issues. These events, which took place on November 30th, could become a mere anecdote for all those affected who, after some time, were able to work normally.

Gmail had problems that affected many users in the United States

The latest changes to Gmail

Google always strives to ensure that its tools, applications, and services function as efficiently as possible. Therefore, they deemed it relevant to make a series of “sacrifices” for a greater good. What sacrifice did they want to undertake? They decided to start eliminating emails with higher inactivity.

This decision, aimed at reducing the amount of server space for Gmail accounts whose usage doesn’t correspond to the space and energy it consumes, would first target the deletion of accounts that were created but never used for any action. However, starting in 2024, accounts that have been inactive for more than 2 years will be deleted. Therefore, if you don’t want your account to be removed, you’ll need to take actions such as watching YouTube videos with that account, checking emails, sending a message, or any action that involves activity on that account.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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