A handy way to switch between tabs

One of my favorite Firefox extensions is Tab Mix Plus. I love this great tool for managing tabs so much that I can’t use Firefox without it anymore. The funny thing is that, after having this extension in my computer for a couple of years, I still find new features in it, like the one I discovered today surprisingly hidden in its settings menu: the ability to display a pop-up window that enables you to switch between tabs in a really comfortable way.

This feature takes advantage of the browser’s embedded functionality to change between tabs by pressing Ctrl+Tab. What Tab Mix Plus does is displaying a small menu on top of the browser with the list of all your currently opened tabs, which enables you to choose the appropriate one in a much easier way. Just keep on pressing the Tab key and release the keys when you reach the browser tab you want – just like the Alt+Tab works for apps.

A great feature in Tab Mix Plus

To turn this setting on, open the Tab Mix Plus options window and click on Events. Then go to Tab Features and tick the “Ctrl-Tab displays a tab list popup menu” option. Hit Apply and OK, and it’ll be ready to use.

A great feature in Tab Mix Plus

Being particularly useful for those of us who work with a dozen simultaneous tabs, I’m already wondering how I could live without this trick for all these years!

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