Amazing puzzler Sprinkle released on iOS

Amazing puzzler Sprinkle released on iOS

One of the most promising iOS puzzle games to date has been released today: Sprinkle is a universal iOS app, released today that approaches amazing in a slightly different way. A puzzle app, Sprinkle uses water as the main tool. From a fire engine you use a water cannon to solve environmental puzzles and try to put out fires before you run out of water.

The liquid in Srprinkle looks fantastic. Water pools, slides, and drains with astounding accuracy. While this could have been a one-trick app, the puzzles in Sprinkle are just as addictive to watch and solve.

It’s a different kind of puzzle experience because the water moves so realistically. This makes the puzzles feel slightly different every time, and you have to put more effort into finding the solution.

Sprinkle is a great example of an innovative puzzle game, and it’s excellent physics show there is still plenty of potential to be unlocked in iOS development.

Check out our review of Sprinkle for iOS.

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