Amazon pulls SimCity downloads due to customer complaints

Amazon pulls SimCity downloads due to customer complaints

We reported yesterday that Electronic Arts was experiencing massive issues with the launch of SimCity. The popularity of the game has caused EA’s servers to be overwhelmed, preventing many people from playing the game.

Now Amazon has taken drastic measures by pulling SimCity’s digital download off its site.  As of the writing of this article, the digital download for SimCity has 982 reviews averaging one out of five stars. This is a massive number of discontent SimCity fans taking to the product review to voice their issues. Amazon has posted a warning on the SimCity product page warning users that EA is having connection issues with the game and that they should check with EA’s support pages to find out when the problems will be fixed.

amazon simcity page

This move may be a bit aggressive, but Amazon is probably hoping to stop customers from asking for refunds on a game that doesn’t work. EA has yet to fix these issues, but the company is taking action. EA has disabled “Cheetah speed” in SimCity, which is the fastest simulation speed setting. This will help servers more time and power to process the millions of players trying to hop on the servers.

Check out EA’s help forums to see what steps the company is taking to resolve these server issues.

UPDATE 3/8/13 12:18 PT: Amazon has made SimCity available to purchase and download again but the product page warns customers that many users are experiencing issues with the game.

amazon simcity warning

Source: Ars Technica

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