Amazon to introduce the selfie-payment

Amazon to introduce the selfie-payment

It looks like Amazon may soon be accepting selfies as a form of payment.

Yes, it may seem like a joke, but it’s actually not (MasterCard were dead serious about it too).

The retail giant introduced the concept to the public on Tuesday, which is currently just a patent for the development of the system that will allow users to confirm their identity by taking a photograph of themselves and winking at the camera in order to pass “the human test.”

The question is: is it safe to pay with a photo?

Well, this is where the special system comes in to play. The platform is designed to match the selfie’s facial features with those registered on the system. Passwords can be easily cracked, stolen, or redundant, depending if the user leaves their phone with the app open (and the device is stolen).

According to the company, this feature could very well eventually replace passwords altogether. The company has recognized that it can be uncomfortable for certain users to feel the need to conceal their passwords (when prompted) in front of friends and family, which can often lead to an embarrassing situation. This new method is a great way of avoiding awkward situations like these.

Of course, Amazon isn’t the first company to introduce this idea of paying with selfies –MasterCard recently registered their patent to do so too. So, could this be the future? Kim Kardashian will be pleased!

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