Android 14 Beta 5.2 Update Resolves Pixel Fold’s Glitches and Problems

Android 14 Beta 5.2 addresses several issues with the Pixel Fold and Google Tablet.

Android 14 Beta 5.2 Update Resolves Pixel Fold’s Glitches and Problems
Guillermo Proupín

Guillermo Proupín

The issues are inherent in new versions of almost all software, and while Android 14 looks promising, it’s far from perfect (at least for now). However, Google is making a great effort to ensure that bugs and other errors are resolved as soon as possible. In this case, it comes with nine different fixes for Pixel devices.

Errors corrected in many scenarios.

Firstly, issues causing the phone to hang during restart have been resolved, although details are not provided.

Issues that could disrupt connectivity for devices using ENDC (Dual Connectivity – E-UTRAN New Radio) when these devices connected on low-frequency 5G bands have been resolved.

An issue on Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet where the fingerprint biometric sensor stopped responding in certain specific cases has been fixed. Similarly, a problem with incomplete tracking data in the Perfetto app has also been addressed.

A problem affecting calls has been fixed, resolving the flickering that could occur when viewing or tapping on an ongoing call notification.

A problem leading to System UI crashing after using the fingerprint sensor has been resolved.

Flickering experienced by foldable devices when being unfolded has been addressed.

An issue exclusively related to Pixel Tablet has been fixed, where at times a colored bar would appear or start blinking after unlocking. This correction seems to have been quite significant for the user experience.

Also related to Pixel Tablet, a problem causing incorrect sounds to play when connected or disconnected has been fixed. We don’t know what sound played when, but it seems this could have been quite bothersome.

If you also want to participate in the Android Beta, you can do so through almost any Pixel device or the Android Emulator. If you prefer to wait for the stable version, it will be available soon, and it’s likely to be available on several Samsung devices as well.

Guillermo Proupín

Guillermo Proupín

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